What if I flower a dwarf plant?

Discussion in 'Oregon Patients' started by MedicalManny, Jan 26, 2018.


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    I’m kinda familiar with the OmMP statutes. But here’s my question.
    If I throw a few small dwarf plants (18”) in to flower And just bonsai the heck out of them to keep them small. Do they still count as “mature” plants?

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    Yep. Really only makes sense to do indoor or light dep at this point.

    OHA and OLCC are fucking medical growers over big time. Pay more to the state and they let you produce less.

    I’ve got two patients living at one property and and one at another. So I’m growing 16 plants at one property and 10 at the other. Doing three runs of light dep in my green house and the full 26 for the outdoor season. My crops will most likely overlap some as far as plant size goes.. but oh well!!

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