What has happen to all OMMP people?

Discussion in 'Oregon Patients' started by john rickman, Dec 29, 2015.


    petert Well-Known Member

    I've kept my card, and I continue to grow for patients! Are you in the PDX area?

    They are putting the squeeze on growers though. I have to pay a $200 site fee for each patient I grow for, which is in direct conflict with the idea behind the medical program. I know someone who works in the OMMP office, he said there really hasn't been any talk of shutting it down, and that if it does it would take at least 2 years.
    On a side note ( and I'm not suggesting anyone not follow all the rules and laws)
    I had a patient sign up in January, I got a letter verifying I was registered as his grower and that I needed to send in the $200 site fee. I said "can I send in the money in May when my plants are pootted?" Two different people at the OMMP office said, we want you to pay, and report in a timely manner, but in all honesty we don't have the staff to verify or enforce that rule.

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