what exactly is the effect of spider mites?

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    what do they do to a crop and how badly is yield possibly affected? like 50%?

    also, whats the best ways to get rid of them and to sterilize the area after to make sure theyre all gone? i have some fear of them hiding and coming back after i think theyre gone

    furthermore, are they also problematic on clones and veg? ive been told its mostly flower when they really ruin everything

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    Dr. Who

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    Best way?



    10:1 water to bleach. Spray every surface, including under...EVERY surface! Walls, ceilings, anything in the area/room.

    Mix a weak solution of Pyrethrin and spray that on every crack and crevice. This is a good repellent, and it lasts longer then the Pyrethrin is active. MUCH longer, like a month.

    ALL incoming clones should be dipped in a Pyrethrin dip a rate of about 10ml per gallon. Then the container is sprayed down, as is the media surface. Now do the same thing with Green cure. 1 TBL per gallon

    Skip that step and real problems happen... I just got lazy and forgot to do that when getting in some clones from a partner. Boom, I had Russet mites...FORBID fixed it up and back at clean and happy running.
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    A friend here had the cleanest grow op until another neighbor gave him some clones. One plant, spider mites and PM at one time. Took 2 efforts to eliminate even though discovered quickly.
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    You need to treat every 3 days at least like 4 or 5 times in a row with most shit.
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    They will slowly eat your plants to death. And the webbed leaves is gross

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    If you let them go unchecked you’re whole grow will be done for.

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    They will kill everything!¡!!!

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