What did you accomplish today?

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Current well running low? How deep is it and how deep for the new one?
yes our well ran low this year for the first time. We had to have water delivered. It may pick back up next year but we cannot chance it. We are down to 560ft in old well. We knew there was likely a good well site down lower on our property near a seasonal creek. But there was no access to it. So we had to cut a new road in from the side. Hoping to hit good water at 200ft in new well. Further up the draw from this spot is where we hope to find our gold mine. When we bought this property we received documents that we own the mineral rights to the old gold mine from the 1800's that's on the property. This is the mother load country.
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he just spent $8k to get the tractor fixed so didn't want us operating it.....so he did it for us....cool neighbor
I have a couple of tractors, one old farmall, and a Kubota. I don’t loan them out, they are stupid expensive to fix. Especially if you have to go to a dealership. I busted a pto gear box on a international once. ( my machine) Over $1k for parts, and a lot of heavy labor for me. I always wanted a backhoe, but friends of mine that have them, complain about fixing old ones all the time. And they don’t loan them out, not only repair cost, but potential liability.


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I did some web work years ago and was offered bitcoin when it was new.......I was like screw you and your fake money......yeah you know how many times I kicked myself for that.......
I'd already done something stupid so when my group of engineers brought it up as the new hotness I figured I could lose $20.00 on it. It's earmarked to go to my EE son. He can deal with it.


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Judge Judy reminds me a bit of my mom...and she didn't take any shit either, lol.

Nice easy day today...banking, checked my plumbing from yesterday, drugstore, vaping. :lol:

And the weatherman lied...It's beautiful again...shorts, bike ride??!! Hell yes!