What are your typical yields?

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    Most track with yield/watt but anything is fine. Anyone doing ~2g/W consistently?

    Also, are there standards or tiers on this - like what is considered low, average, good, etc

    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    untrained rooted clones vegged 3 weeks under t5 flowered under 1k mh/hps
    2z per 3'plant.
    vegged untrained for 6 weeks=3-4oz per 4' plant.
    vegged untrained for 10 weeks=6 '-5-6oz

    all depends on your veg time you see.
    not sure if veg watts or time is factored with yield/watt reports.
    I can move a 1k light over 20 long vegged plants and blow 2grams/watt out of the park for instance
    or put it over one 3 week clone and yield less than a g/w
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    BushMaster15 Well-Known Member

    Last grow under 600w with a 2 month veg I averaged 3.5-4 oz per plant. I probably would've done a little better but ran into calcium issues during mid flower and then had high temps with the second and third harvests.

    Humanrob Well-Known Member

    I've grown 4 different strains in identical pots in the same tent and gotten more than twice as much from the biggest producing strain as the smallest one. Genetics are a huge factor. There are so many variables, it makes comparisons and generalizations unreliable. That won't stop us from trying, it's human nature, we just won't succeed unless we are incredibly specific in the criteria of our comparisons.
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