What are you smoking ?

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what are you smoking

  1. Smok Stick M17

  2. Smok stick V8

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  3. Smok stick X8

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    Another Smok novelty is called Smok Stick M17. To be honest, I do not except too much if there are no remarkable innovation in this device as Smok launched a series of starter kit recently, from stick V8, stick X8 to latest stick M17, so let's have a first look at this smok new product and see what will catch our eyes .
    Pencil Style Design
    Standard "pencil", except that thin, crowned by a tank, or rather a tank, medium capacity.
    We will run downwards on the constituent parts.
    Driptype, apparently, has a standard 510th size, a hole in it of medium size.
    The top-filling syetem
    It is painted in the same color as the body of the device itself.
    On top of the retractable lid, as on most tanks of this manufacturer.
    Below it we find a plastic gasket with a hole for refilling, with a small hole.
    Well at least this site is drowned in the tank body, if you miss the hole, the liquid does not immediately fall into your hands.
    Below, behind a faceted ring, is hidden ... nothing is hidden. Everyone thought that this ring will be adjusted tightening, but no - a surprise.
    And this is very good, because on previous devices of such a construct, the figs had a solution to place under it openings for air intake, take at least Stick AIO.

    So, one more pocket device, the truth, if you put it in your pocket, then you can hardly sit down, it will cost you $ 34. But, knowing the "rotten policy" of the trading platform on which the device was found, you can safely divide the cost almost in half.

    Many websites already have this product info,here is a good page with all detailed info you want to know.

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