What are the requirements to become a BudTender in AZ?

Discussion in 'Arizona Patients' started by medicalgrowman, Aug 14, 2014.


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    Hi! What are the legal requirements to become a "Bud Tender" in AZ?

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    has the rules and forms. Everyone who works in a dispensary has to have a "Dispensary Agent Registration Card" and be fingerprinted. The card has to be requested by the owner of the dispensary; you can't just get a card yourself and then go looking for a dispensary to hire you.

    There are various online agencies which serve as "job boards" for the industry. One is at 420careers.com and there was a Phoenix ad there recently for a "PT Patient Consultant", with the following job requirements:
    * Execute experienced based selling standards to meet team and individual sales goals
    * Responsible for driving sales by providing a fantastic customer experience
    * Ensure the sales floor is properly stocked and the presence of the store is to the standards of the dispensary
    * Inspire customer confidence and create loyalty to our brand
    * Promote a work environment that is positive, customer-service oriented, and compliant with established policies and procedures
    * Accountable for accurately utilizing Point of Sale
    * Other duties as assigned by the Management Team

    Skills Required:
    * Exceptional customer service skills
    * Desire to learn about our products in order to educate our patients
    * Knowledge of basic computer skills and cash management is required.
    * Positive attitude, team player mentality and strong work ethic
    * Attention to detail a must
    * Ability to establish and manage long- term customer relationships
    * Ability to handle and resolve problems in a professional manner
    * Must be flexible with scheduling- including nights, weekends and holidays

    * Passionate & experienced with cannabis
    * College Degree preferred but not required
    * 1 year retail customer service experience
    * 21 years of age
    * Must successfully pass an extensive background check
    * No Felonies
    * Must be on time & ready to work when scheduled
    * Must be able to successfully work in a team environment
    * Willing and able to follow the rules set forth by the state and health department.

    * Starting at $13 an hour
    * Employee discount

    The deadline for that job has passed, but you can see from the ad the type of qualifications sought by the dispensaries.

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    have a patient or caregiver card and hit the pavement. i saw horizon a couple a weeks ago had a bud tender position call them see if there still looking.

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    thanks guys!

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    This is the only real answer... :bigjoint:
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    I'm not sure but they have to be extremely low.

    Very few seem to have any real smoking experience.

    When you ask what the good strains are they have no idea.

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    I do find it unfortunate that the main requirement is salesmanship, provided that the initial requirements are met. But bc someone is a good salesperson doesn't mean that their information is accurate or backed by evidence. Most of medical cannabis lacks good evidence beyond anecdotal testimonies, which are the lowest form of evidence in science. Certain components of cannabis have shown efficacy for treating specific ailments, but this industry makes many claims for which the evidence is currently either lacking or contradictory. This is why at the very least the red tape needs to be lifted so that it can be better determined what cannabis might be good for and what the contraindications for its use are. There is preliminary evidence that THC may suppress the antitumorigen components of the body of patients with estrogen related breast cancers. More research needs to be done, but if this were true, it is very significant and contradicts the "Safer than aspirin" slogan that gets bantered about. Also, a real problem with claiming medical benefits from cannabis are that it is hard to claim medical benefit from something that is being smoked and inhaled, except for possibly symptoms of a stroke where the method of delivery and activation needs to be swift. Also, medicine is dependent upon dose for maximum benefit. Get the dose wrong and what was intended to help becomes ineffectual or potentially toxic. Dose is not possible to regulate in plant form when the components of the plant matter can vary so significantly, even from different flowers on the same plant, let alone different plants or different strains and plants grown under a variety of conditions.

    The medical cannabis and "alternative" medicine industries should all be regulated by the same regulations and level of scrutiny people expect from pharmaceuticals, if the true interest of the proponents of these industries are keeping people safe and helping them with their conditions, rather than exploiting the sick and dying for a profit by selling a product marketed as being effective for treating ailments without the oversight of evidence this industry expects pharmaceuticals to be regulated by.

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