What are the career opportunities with marijuana in this state?

Discussion in 'Oregon Patients' started by Michael Nave, Nov 6, 2017.

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    I moved here a few years ago and I'd really like to get into the industry. It would be cool to start my own grow but after reading a few threads on here and doing some research on the olcc website, it seems like I'm too late to make a good living growing.

    What are my other options for jobs in the industry? I'm 28, male, and have grown 3 crops indoor. I have 10 years of warehouse experience, 3 years managing warehouse, and 1 year purchasing experience. I'd like to obtain a logistics position with a wholesaler. Does anyone on here know the salaries of logistical workers in the field?

    I tried for years on the east coast to get into the business. The problem of finding a place to grow was real. I was kicked out of 6 houses in 3 years and was left broke. There are no wholesalers and only two dispensaries in the entire state.

    I don't want a $13/hr trimmer job. I'm looking for a career here. I'm currently enrolled at PCC and want to transfer to PSU to study logistics and supply chain management. Is the degree even necessary for this field? I don't want to put myself into crazy amounts of debt if I don't need it or won't even be able to pay it off.

    I'm tired of working in shit industries for shit pay and no benefits. I moved here for a million different reasons, one of them being rec and mmj. I've always wanted to own the house from "Sometimes a Great Notion" too. I want to be happy and make over $50k/yr after taxes.

    I'm on the fence about finishing school. I don't want to spend all this money on the degree. I want to be happy in life but I also want to buy a house somewhere in Oregon. I want to start a family here and plant my roots. I know I need a good job in order to do that. I don't want to work in the tech industry or any other industry. I have tourettes and marijuana has helped my keep my ticks in order for years. I want to help people medicate and help rec people get stoned. But I also want to save money, go on vacation, and help my future children pay for college.

    Am I trying to get into the right field? This is all I've wanted to do since I was 19. Any info or help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Since no one else answered here are my two cents: if you want to live in Oregon and grow your own weed for yourself and your mates, cool you'll do well here. But if you actually want to work in the industry as something above retail (through to store management) it is a pipe dream unless you're independently wealthy, own a good chunk of land / a warehouse in a place where you are allowed to apply for an OLCC license, or possibly know rich people who want a local face... The best way of using a marijuana degree to make money would be to couple it with a business degree (or at least minor) and to provide Consultation Services to people looking to start new mj business nationwide as legalization spreads. If you were going that route then my advice would be to attempt to do the whole intern thing and learn as much of the business as possible.

    Otherwise, oha/OLCC keep hiring inspectors compliance officials and Clerks, those salaries range but the highest starting one I've seen topped out at 84k/yr in the Portland area. (I briefly considered applying then remembered I still hate people and don't live in Western Oregon;) )

    Good luck.
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