What are rules for purchasing cannabis items when visiting CO?

Discussion in 'Colorado Patients' started by HandicappedNinja, Feb 5, 2018.


    HandicappedNinja New Member

    Hi people. I am absolutely positively brand new to cannabis. I have never smoked, or eaten edibles, or anything else. But I have multiple friends in Cali who swear to god that cannabis is what they use for pain relief.
    I’ve had debilitating pain in my legs and feet for 16+ years. I am tired of being in pain. I am really tired of taking pain pills, and I’ve personally cut down my doses a lot, but I can’t do it all the way because of the pain. I need to figure out if there are products that can help me with pain.
    I’ve read many things, and some reports are conflicting. Some papers write that CBD is what helps, and others write that it’s THC that helps. My purpose in trying products is not to get high AF, I want pain relief, and to feel just a lil less depressed and sad.
    In MN, I can’t try anything from a dispensary until I get off my meds completely, which pretty much can’t happen for me until I know some cannabis product can help.
    QUESTION: If I come to Colorado by car for a few days visit. What are the laws about me purchasing...stuff? Do I need to apply for some kind of paperwork or card? And then what? I can go to any store..err...dispensary and buy whatever I want?
    Are any of you here taking cannabis for pain relief? Can you tell me what you take? I understand there’s even cannabis candy and food? Or is it easier to take capsules? Can someone recommend what to try for pain relief?
    Also. I’m very confused by seeing things on youtube. Some people smoke pot, and fall asleep in an hour, and others like some guy named Wiz Khalifa smoked 6 pounds of pot a day, and then drinks THC, eats THC, takes THC enemas, and is never sleepy. How does that work?
    Thank you everyone.

    Observe & Report

    Observe & Report Well-Known Member

    It takes talent and hard work.

    I'm sure you've heard of the Fates, the ones who weave the tapestry of life? It's true that usually they weave a coarse grey thread for an ordinary life. Sometimes they incorporate a lovely red thread, the life of wealthy merchant or doctor. Rarely they reach for the gold threads, the kings and brilliant scientists. Every once in a while, however, they insert a green thread, the rarest of them all. It is these fortunate souls who are blessed with prodigious capacity to consume Cannabis. They become the leaders of the movement, the Chongs, the Snoops, the Willies, etc...
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    HandicappedNinja New Member

    so...nobody on this forum is from Colorado?

    typoerror Well-Known Member

    For recreational, you do not need any type of card except id. Walk in show your identification and start shopping. There are limits to the amounts you can purchase. 1 ounce of flower, etc. The bud tenders will know all the limits. They should also be able to point you in the right direction for your ailments.

    I take cbd for inflammation and pain. It helps tremendously. You can actually find cbd products in any head shop and even get Colorado grown and processed cbd products shipped to your house.

    I use salves and cdb dabs.

    There's a bunch of different foods. Mostly candy, cookies, gummies and such. Very few savory foods items.

    You'll be overwhelmed by the assortment of different products. Oils, capsules, concentrates, edibles, lubes, bath bombs. There's tons of different products. I'd suggest getting out here and giving it a try.

    HandicappedNinja New Member

    Thank you mr typoerror.
    what is a dabs?

    typoerror Well-Known Member

    Dabs are a concentrated form of cannabis.
    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    go very easy on the edibles if you've never even smoked. try 1 10mg candy or cookie and wait 30-45 mins. maybe a second.
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    Fubard Well-Known Member

    My experience

    I vape a 50mg CBD fluid (Sensi Seeds, if you must know) and that has worked wonders with controlling the inflammation and associated pain that I suffer from. You don't get stoned off your box, but it will make you feel a bit more "relaxed" which can also help with pain control.

    But sometimes I need "that little bit more", and that's where smoking a splifferette comes in as the THC, and other compounds obviously, have a different effect on the pain, etc, and when you get the "dose" right the pain just vanishes without getting you so high you need to file a flight plan.

    Nobody can tell you what strain to use, or how much, as everyone's tolerance is different, what I call "weak" could have you lying on your back giggling at the pink elephants you see but with me you wouldn't see any real difference in how I function, everyone is different.

    As Sour Wreck says, go easy on the edibles as a first timer, or it'll kick you like a mule. Even with smoking, start weak and slowly build up until you find your own limit. I would say try the CBD first, you can get vape fluid or oil, and with the oil you have so many options on how you consume it as you can drop it into food, into a drink, or just drop a couple of drips under your tongue.

    Marijuana is a godsend for pain relief, when used properly. Finding your own limits is the critical part, so go easy on it at first Try a "medical", high CBD strain first, but be aware that you'll likely have to try different strains to get what is "right" for you as every strain can have a different effect on different people. But, hey, if it was THAT easy then there would be no fun in it, would there!

    So ask the guys behind the counter for their advice, they should be happy to help.
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    HandicappedNinja New Member

    thank you all very much for your input. Today I go in for my first appointment at a MN dispensary, but because it's minnesota, I'm not holding out much hope.

    macsnax Well-Known Member

    It should be noted that if you get too high, cdb can help counter act the thc, help bring you out off the twilight zone if you have both on hand.

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