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    As the title says this will be a rolling diary this year. I will be posting only relevant details on the grow, all pictures will be titled with a description so I shouldn't have to waste time repeating the same info over and over.
    I will post images of both veg and flowering plants.

    At the minute everything is being grown in 50/50 coco/perlite. Some plants are in fabric pots others in small hempy buckets and standard nursery pots.

    Lighting being used will be Samsung Single row led strips designed for use in my cab by the good lads over at diyled.com.
    LIghts will be used at 300 watts per level.

    The flower cab is as before a 4.8ft x 2.5ft with 2 levels with max height of 100cm.

    Strains being grown are all feminized and are as follows:

    Ocean Grown Genetics - Dark Plasma
    Sweet Seeds - Cream Caramel Fast Version
    Sweet Seeds - Crystal Candy Fast Version
    Dinafem - Gorilla
    Dinafem - Purps#1
    Dinafem - Remo Chemo

    More strains will be sown and fed diary as we progress through the year.

    Well that's the plan, I will update this tread later with some images.
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    19 X Dinafem - Gorilla Sog Plants In 5l Hempy Buckets
    Day 2 of 12/12 Grown From Clones.
    These Are The More Sativa Leaning Pheno.

    Dinafem - Gorilla Sog Plants These got way to long a veg.


    Sweet Seeds - Cream Caramel Fast Version traing for multi tops.
    sweet seeds cream caramel f1 traing complete.jpg
    Dinafem - Purps#1 In early veg.
    Dinafem - Purps#1 Topping.jpg

    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    First sign of little white whispy hairs on the Sweet Seeds - Cream Caramel.
    sweet seeds cream caramel f1 pistils.jpg

    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Just another image of the Dinafem - Purps#1 that's in veg and training, I might veg this one for about 3 months to make a single plant that will fill one level of the cabinet so 4.8ft long x 2.5 ft wide. That should keep my plant count a lot lower and provide something different to look at.

    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Another update for the Sweet Seeds - Cream Caramel F1, so after a few days in the hotpress and a single 50 watt cob for light the plant has stretched enough for me to make the canopy level and pop her into flower on 09/02/2019. Clear to see the new growth is wanting more light. She should produce some nice flowers, can't wait to see her.

    sweet seeds cream caramel f1 ready to start 12.jpg
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    A couple of images of clones taken from the Sweet Seeds - Crystal Candy F1, these will be in veg for a couple a weeks then inserted into the scrog with their mother. The mother plant I don't think is going to stretch at all by the looks of things so there should be plenty of space in the scrog. sweet seeds - crystal candy f1 clones.jpg

    sweet seeds - crystal candy f1 clones pistils showing.jpg
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Some Photos Of 4 Dinafem - Gorilla Sog Plants Day 7 12/12. Shown the various heights. There is really only two small ones. Other than a few brown spots that have been on the leaves for the last week or so but they seem to be fine.
    One arty photo using the lights

    Dinafem Gorilla Sog Plants Smaller  Day 7 12-12.jpg

    Dinafem Gorilla Sog Plants Day 7 12-12.jpg
    Dinafem Gorilla Sog Plant  Top Day 7 12-12.jpg
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    SMT69 Well-Known Member

    Looking great braddah Z, good to see ya back. Setup looks nice!
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Sweet Seeds - Crystal Candy F1 End Of Week 1 12/12

    sweet seeds crystal candynF1 tops.jpg

    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Nice to be back for sure, hope all is going well for you in 2019.

    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Sweet Seeds - Crystal Candy F1 Scrog Plant day 7 12/12, the plant is being fed at EC1.4 and PH6.1 and seems to be happy with that. Now this girl has only grown about 1 inch since flip so stretch is really not going to help in any way. So with her being so squat I will add the above two clones when ready. As can be seen from the below canopy shot I need to get in there and remove some leaves as there is no light getting to them and the leaves are just going yellow. So next update will show what has been removed.

    sweet seeds crystal candynF1 scrog.jpg sweet seeds crystal candynF1 scrog below canopy shot.jpg
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    Moflow Well-Known Member

    Nice job as usual.
    I've pulled up a chair mate :D
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    @Moflow always a pleasure to have you onboard, feel free to chime in anytime.
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    Key5 Member

    Found it. Clean and tidy ready for some flowers :)

    Some crystal candy to wet your appetite. Badly grown under 600w hps.


    If folks could like this post so im not locked down that would be great.
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    Skidmarx Well-Known Member

    Best & most original images I've seen on the net. Bravo! impeccable organisation and a great choice of genetics!
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    @Key5 looks like you had some stretch with your crystal candy, I don't think im gonna have any the fast version just wants to be an inch or two above the net. At least when I run her again I can veg a lot longer.
    Cheers for popping in always more than welcome.
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    @Skidmarx glad to hear you like this so far, I will try and keep it at this standard as much as I can.
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    JEX SPERGO Active Member

    Wow man. wow.

    that's some real clean hydro and photography mate. Good stuff!

    I used dynagrow once as a fert on soil, stuffs not bad hey. Niceone
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Dinafem Gorilla Sog Plants Day 10 12/12
    Forgot to say the sog plants and anything on the bottom level are getting 285 watts from the strip lights.
    The plants are responding well with a little increase in feed to EC1.3 PH 5.7 Temps Lights on 27c Lights Off 20-21c. Run off water from the plants is basically the same as whats going in so smack on.
    As can be seen in the images the plants are getting a little taller and bud sites now starting to be more noticeable. All in im rather happy with these girls at this stage.

    That's that for today.

    Dinafem Gorillla Sog Day 10 12-12.jpg
    Dinafem Gorillla Sog Day 10 12-12 Starting to get interesting.jpg
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