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    hello all hope all are well ! im having a problem with my Durban poinon plants. they germinated bout 5 days ago but hasent done anything grow wise at all. its not discolored wilting burnt leaves or anything like that. ok heres what ive done so far. germinated in paper towel, dark warm moist 3 days gently placed em in cleas steril soil. no nutes al all. it broke soil 1-2 days later.( the first set of round leaves are brownish but they were on top of soil for a while b4 i noticed n tried to gentily lift them off the soil.) they are under a 1000w mh light at 500w for 18/6 period. light is 15 inches from the tops and can hold my hand over them indefenatly with no discomfort. i water them with straight H2O ph 6.5 every 2 days and mist to keep top of soil from completely drying out. she stands 1.5 inches(4cm ruffly) high, and her first true leaves are together about 1/2 - 3/4 inch ( 1-2 cm) wide. they have a second set of leaves coming out just barely......and even though the seed guys said no nutes i gentily fed her 1-0.6-1 1/4 strength...(was it even worth it in this concentration.) now is this slow growth normal for Durban poison? do you see a way that im stunting them? this is my second grow....first with dp. the first grow went very well for all the mistakes i have made lol. i appologise for being a nervous nelly but in all my extensive experience in growing i never saw them so small. thanks a lot for all your help my friends.

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    1 dont touch your seedlings ever for any reason, delicate root structures are damaged most often doing so.

    2 you should water when dry, only when soil is dry to the bottom, before plant wilts. begin by
    adding 1/4th the soil volume in water to the dry soil. (1 gallon of dry dirt needs 1 quart of water every time you add it.

    3- never mist anything but a clone for a day or two. seedlings do not have roots on the top soil. thoroughly wet your soil, allow it to drain and dont water until dry again,

    4-never feed seedlings any fertilizer, even your grow store guy knows that.

    5 with your current habits your results are normal for any strain

    6- yes, see 1-6
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    1000watt is kind of powerful for a seedling.

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    thank you. excellent advice my friend. and taken!

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    i thought so i ....and i dont kno how good these things are but i got one of those ballasts that can dial down the wattage so i have it set to 500w. the lumins went down from 1000 to round 700 ish. wasn't using a dig meter . but thanks i think i might do led for seedlings next time. peace

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    700-1000 lumens doesn't sound like much light. You mean watts?

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    um yes i do sorry i got stoned my apologies.......500 watts down from 1000 watts via ballast
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