Weird brown/black spots on yellowing leaves.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by smokeybeard, Dec 6, 2017.


    smokeybeard Well-Known Member

    I am honestly not sure what this is, I have been fighting with it for a couple weeks now and I don't know what it is. Any help is appreciated.

    250w quantum board, 18" front light to canopy.
    Organic "super soil" I made
    Mostly water, have given 1 AACT with guano, liquid kelp, high brix molasses and some of the soil I made. Cal-Mag added at 5ml per gallon. PH'd to in between 6.4-6.8.
    This happened before I gave my first AACT.

    It is only happening on 1 of the 2 plants I have, both Raspberry Diesel from HSO, from seed. The leaves are on the bottom after I pruned below what I thought would be best light penetration.

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    Nutty sKunK

    Nutty sKunK Well-Known Member

    Can take a few days for some deficiencies to slow down/stop.

    Hard to tell what it is.. maybe Mg?

    smokeybeard Well-Known Member

    That’s what I was thinking too. I guess I’ll up my cal mag supplement a little more.

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