weed should be legal in uk

Discussion in 'British Patients' started by w33d c00ki3s, Aug 18, 2013.

    w33d c00ki3s

    w33d c00ki3s New Member

    keeps me ticking over and i fuction alot better on it wish it was easy to get wer i am. i suffer from adhd quite bad and the pills i get make me sick but with the weed im fine i can go about my normal day and i dont need the pills trying to get weed in ireland is hard for me dunno about the rest of yous wish it was as easy as a paypal payment lol

    GOD HERE Well-Known Member

    Grow your own. I always thought a government acting like it's authority is justified is kind of a joke. If they tell you you can't grow a harmless weed, then fuck them, grow the weed.

    I don't know how you live over there, the UK is turning into some neo-liberal police/nanny state, except now you don't even get the safety net! I'd expect it from the conservatives, but seeing Labour support it is disappointing.

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