We Live In A Black Hole


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It's all just a projection from the mind...
Yes. But where is the mind then and what is it if not just an biochemical reaction of the brains?

Lots of interesting theories around this, for example;

For the naysayers, you might want to stop and think for a moment why Sir Roger Penrose has been knighted..

Personally i think(i think this fits nicely to this whole quantum consciousness theory, but this is stuff i learned elsewhere and some might argue against this, but be for quantum consciousness theory) this thing they used to call Soul is the same as this we today know as the conscious observer mind part of Self. This part i think is separate from the brains, but works inside of the brains(until death or maybe during some other conditions) and because it works inside of the brains, it works according to how brains work. Physical brains sort of trap consciousness by creating suitable conditions for it. Where this consciousness is taken, i think is either from the "world Soul" directly or an old "Soul" being reborn due to not realising its true nature after death(thus getting confused) due to bad karma and/or lack of true knowledge. I think Souls require multiple lifetimes to develop enough, because really this whole thing called life is to train the Soul and form it into an individual thing that is perfect in the sense that it is not torn part about the duality of physical and metaphysical(or classical and quantum physics if you like to put it that way).

And now that i made everyone think im crazy, ill mention that CIA has also studied this. Here is their document that was classified for quite while:

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What comes to this black hole thing. Well i think black holes are actually holes in that "2d quantum fabric" from which this hologram is projected from. But that black holes are similar than to what we are inside of. However it is more like that there was a big bang and now we are riding on the edge of the expansion of the universe, which from my understanding would be similar to even horizon in a black hole, or similar to how we perceive it as it is an empty globe and its edges reveal the shape of the actual universe, or how we would perceive it from this perspective of an hologram.

The start and end of time was made at the same time, im not sure about the in between stuff. Either it was also made at the same time and time is a solid structure of spacetime that we move along, meaning no true free will as things would be set in stone. Or then even tho the universe must end a certain way, there is room for free will in it, so that it expands as we live and do this whole collapsing of waveform to particles via conscious observation.


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if you get into clear skys, look for sagittarus and scorpio you can see the bulge, saggitarius actually will show you the way to it...