Ways To Get Higher and Stay High Longer.

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    Dapurp420 Active Member

    Ok guys I have a few personal experiences but here are somethings that have kept me higher longer and made the high stronger. Also I realize MAry affects everyone different but for the most part its all the same. Please feel free to add your ideas! :bigjoint:

    1. I found that when I smoke anytime before or even after I play basketball with friends or simply jog around I feel at least 3 times higher when I get home and watch tv. I dunno if its the adrenline or what because people say dont talk to cops while high because you will get nervous and your adrenline will kill your hi, but whenever i get my blood pumping faster it seems my high goes up. Also even if I dont smoke that day and work out really hard or run round I will still feel some high at the end. Probably because I smoke everyday and there is still some thc in me.

    2. Bong!!! i think this one is obvious, bong rips get you ripped!!bongsmilie

    3. and I also found that if your a heavy smoker like me actually quittin for a day or two will help you out. Your next hi will be better and last longer, But do you wanna wait? i never do :lol:

    CrackerJax New Member

    Number 1. When you jog or play sports, endorphines are released so that is an extra boost to the weed.

    Number 2. Bongs are more efficient with the smoke than joints, so yah.

    Number 3. I have no experience with that one... but it may link up with No. 1. Your body says, yeah...smoke!! endorphine release. maybe..

    out :blsmoke:

    NewbieG Active Member

    1. A good Vaporizer will get you higher with the same weed. I don't care if other people say it doesn't work, or ti doesn't get you more high. its bs.
    2. A friend told me that drinking water before exhaling a hit will get you higher. I've tried this and I think it works but I can't say for sure. If nothing else it helps you hydrate and helps avoid cotton mouth. Those reasons are enough for me.
    3. Smoking after working out works fo sho.:)

    420man Active Member

    For me a bong or nice bubbler is the way to go. 1 hit gets me as high as if i smoked a joint or out of a bowl out of a straight pipe. Maybe i just havnt smoked out of the right vap or maybe i didnt do it right, but me and my friends all agree, after spending way to much money on diffrent vaps, they just dont get the job done like a good bong toke:weed:. Drinking water helps hold in the hit, but try other drinks, like green tea, it seems to sooth your throat a little better.

    CrackerJax New Member

    Okay, try this next time...hit a bong and then quickly shoot some heroin... (jk) :lol:

    out. :blsmoke:

    spex Well-Known Member

    blunts are were its at i always get so fryed when i smoke a blunt

    tokinman Well-Known Member

    eating slightly over ripe mango will f you up. ask ed had an article in cannabis culture about it. something about a chemical the slightly over ripe mango produces increases the high from pot..
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    FlipDV Well-Known Member

    Seem to get higher if I'm taking constant rips, me and my buddy use to do this when we were in high school :D
    we would have like two pipes, both packed, One of us would hit one, take a decent rip, take a drag of a cig, exhale, as soon as you do that, cash the bowl, take a drag, exhale, take the second pipe right away, inhale, ect. That'd get us pretty headrocked/baked after :D

    CrackerJax New Member

    That's called oxygen deprivation!! :lol:

    out. :blsmoke:
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    victozap Well-Known Member

    I heard that Vitamin C inscreases your high becuase it bonds the THC to your brain for a longer time or something like that. So a big glass of OJ or some Vita C pills will get you higher for longer.

    mj320002 Well-Known Member

    I find that smoking more seems to get me higher most of the time. Also if my high start to subside a bit I can smoke more and stay high longer. I've studied these methods for many years and there is considerable evidence in favor of these practices.


    bryandlr Active Member

    Bong Gets you high. vaporizer gets you higher. N if your desperate to get high take a resin hit:dunce:
    Bud Frosty

    Bud Frosty Well-Known Member

    Take a deeeeeep hit off a fatty, hold it as long as you can, then have some asshole punch you in the chest and laugh at you.

    High for hours lol
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    Jagermaster Active Member

    Nobody else has tried asthma inhalers? Take a hit of off one of those before or after. Opens up the bronchial tubes and BLAM - wake up in a pizza box.

    Pot Active Member

    When the high is beganing to wear, Smoke more weed and u will high again. This can be repeated to maintain a long high.
    Boogaloo Bud

    Boogaloo Bud Well-Known Member

    Keep doing that and you end up with a huge tolorance though.

    Pot Active Member

    so every time i smoke my tolerance goes up eh?

    marijaneindeed New Member

    Boogaloo Bud

    Boogaloo Bud Well-Known Member

    I ment if you smoke when your buzz is wearing off all the time then it builds up the tolorance quicker. At least it does for me.

    mindphuk Well-Known Member

    That's funny, when I saw the title of this thread, I was going to come here and ask if anyone has heard this or verified it.

    Are mangos in season now?:twisted:
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