Waterproof Mylar

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I'm a bonsai grower (as the name suggests) who grows primarily indoors. I've been growing indoors for a few years now with mixed results. The trees I grow are tropical trees, Ficus, that like high heat and humidity. So in order to make them happy I built boxes for them made out of PVC and plastic drop cloth:

These setups are completely enclosed and help my trees grow incredibly fast. However, I want to try something different. I bought my first grow tent on ebay today and am anxious to give it a try. If it works well and my trees love it, I plan on making a grow tent, but by using a waterproof mylar, since the trees like high humidity. I've tried regular mylar before, but when the water beads up on it it gets ruined. So, does anyone know of any waterproof mylar? Maybe the stuff that they use to line the inside of grow tents?



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If you use the diamond patterned mylar you should have your problem solved. It's thick, tough, light blocking, and as it's already dimpled, some water spots won't be an issue. Keep it green. Peace.


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I would go with panda film or orca film, they would both serve you well.

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Thank you both!

I'm surprised I'm actually getting answers. I've been on other marijuana forums and they don't respond to me because I don't grow marijuana, but hey, we're all indoor growers trying to grow as best we can.

I've heard mixed opinions on panda film, ranging from "it doesn't reflect much at all" to "it's the best stuff you can buy."
Well, since I was sent the wrong tent, I'm back to building my own. Are there any online places that sell the diamond patterned mylar? I've only found the normal kind that is easily ruined by high humidity. I've also read that moisture easily penetrates panda film, can anyone confirm that?


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panda film is your best bet. ive made a diy tent with panda and pvc worked great. water will not penetrate panda it plastic.
Alright so I'll see where I can find some Panda Film. Looks like I can buy it online at Home Depot and have it shipped to the store.

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Have not used that product, but have used their black and white polly it was nice and thick held up nice with tons of abuse.
I see no reason it shouldn't be as good or better quality then what I had.

I have purchased allot from HTG over the years online http://htgsupply.com/ and at the brick and mortar store.
Have always been very happy with my purchases from them, the one time I was not happy they fixed it next day.
I have always experienced very fast discrete shipping from them.
Just for anyone interested, I built a new box out of PVC and this waterproof mylar today. The stuff is pretty thick, so it should hold up nicely. The light should be reflected pretty well, too...