WaterFarm 400 HPS Lemon Kush. Modified Scottyballz.


Herk, I just wanted to say that my grow space was 39x39 and it took over every bit of it... I'll have Sunny post some pics of the root ball. Since I cut her down I'm going to mount the roots on a piece of drift wood and decorate the branches with lights for my Christmas tree. lol


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my room is 3x3 my Scrog is 29x29 I'm thinking I should start thinking about flipping soon I took 3 clones today I have a journal it's called simple diy sour diesel for some reason my I-pad cont pull up the URL number so I can't link it in my signature


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And the End Result... Not too shabby for a 400 watt HPS in a cooltube... Somewhere around 10 oz right now... We'll see where we are at in a few weeks..
We have renamed it "Horror Show"... One puff and it's like spending 6 hours in a haunted house (AKA our heads)... Brings the boogie man out for some reason. Very sativa'ish.. :)