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    Hey all new to RIU an good to be here didn't really know about this site till few days ago been meaning to get a journal going.

    These are random bag seed planted early - mid December, soil is bailey's premium potting mix used with seasol an powerfeed an odd feed of liquid potash while there in flower, had ph issues very early on got that sorted went really well in veg an going good so far I still class myself as a noob I like simple is best but It think there showing signs of cal/mag an/or phosphorus def only seems to be happening on certain branches (not getting most light) any ideas? Will get better pics sometime tomorrow.

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    they do need extra cal/mag in flower and you can do a worm casting tea to green them up a little so they don't blow their leaves before they finish flowering.
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    Gday mate, few more growers on this site over grasscity. (less kids to)

    Few aussies on this thread this season- https://www.rollitup.org/t/bict-16-17-straya-m8-2-0.915963/
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