Washing buds?

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Project Ponics, Oct 23, 2018.

    Project Ponics

    Project Ponics Well-Known Member

    Anyone do this? Anyone tried it and really noticed a difference? Is it worth it?

    About to chop my gsc from Fastbuds and debating on trying it out.

    QuarksRSmall Well-Known Member

    Did you grow indoors or outdoors? Do you have powdery mildew? If the answers to those questions are outdoors and yes, then I highly suggest that you do. If 8ndoirs and no, then it is up to you. Please realize that when people refer to "washing buds", they are submerging the plants in a hydrogen peroxide solution to facilitate the removal and prevention of powdery mildew spires. Good luck and as long as you properly dry them after their dunk you should have zero problems with normal drying and curing.
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    Project Ponics

    Project Ponics Well-Known Member

    Indoors and no, was just going to clean from debris, hair and whatnot. I ended up not doing it this time. I might try it next time. Didn’t have lemon juice also and I was too lazy to go out and get any lol.

    QuarksRSmall Well-Known Member

    No lemon juice. Just regular hydrogen peroxide and water. Nothing else needed or even helpful.
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    Topo Well-Known Member

    What is the ratio of hydrogen peroxide to water? I forgot what it was. :confused:

    Skybound420 Well-Known Member

    I have been washing my harvests for years with fantastic success. The process I follow is not my own, but rather a grower on 420mag named DocBud, the inventor of hibrix I think. Anyways, I made a video a few years back the explains everything and there's a couple hundred page thread on 420 called "Bud Washing" that has more details and obviously a fuck ton of testimonials.

    Basically though, the main wash consists of 5 gallons luke warm tap water mixed with a cup of baking soda and a cup of lemon concentrate, then a hot and a cold rinse bucket. In the video, I used 5 gal pails, I now use totes on a table. The wash dissolves any foliar spray residues, insect corpses, insect shit, out body hair and skin particles and other debris never seen, but definitely smoked (yuk). I encourage all new to this process to first try a sample wash so that you can compare how both washed and unwashed smoke tastes. Once you smoke washed bud, you'll never again want to smoke unwashed bud.

    Edit - The H2O2 stage is only used mold is a concern. Omit this stage otherwise because bud washed with H2O2 will dry quicker than bud not washed with H2O2 and might screw up the cure as well.

    Warpedpassage Well-Known Member

    The one thing i would reconsider is using warm water. A lot of growers go through much trouble to preserve terpenes close to harvest. keeping temps low close to harvest, etc. by using warm warm i suspect you may be losing some of the more volatile terps.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    There are commercial products used for washing.
    If I remember the best results come from washing after bud is dried...
    I know there is an image of the test results floating on the net somewhere.
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    Warpedpassage Well-Known Member

    Interesting , first time hearing about washing after drying. Will have to look into it.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    I've tried finding the image... can't seem te remember where I saw it, but it was very recent.. maybe in the last 3 months or so.
    I might remember later. I know they were testing the buds for various types of contaminants before and after wash, and they had an example of wet washed and dried washing.

    I think the dry washing works as it also removes the contaminants that settle/grow during drying.

    Tejashidrow Well-Known Member

    I never have mildew or mold
    I do bud wash
    I grow in soil indoors
    I foiler
    I use lemon juice and bakeing soda
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    Puff_Dragon Well-Known Member

    I've washed in the past. At the moment I'm growing in a 1 meter square tent with around four plants; I just cover the floor with a few towels and give each plant (the buds mainly) a good spray down with a pump water sprayer (just normal water and some pressure). After that I turn the fans on high (which includes one strong 6" inline fan directed at the wet plant) and the extractor fan. It takes me about 6 hours to fully evaporate all the water off a plant. I'll do that for each plant (over the days leading up to harvest). It does a reasonable job and the spraying only takes minutes (the rest of the process doesn't require overseeing). On a larger scale this wouldn't work, but on the small scale it's a simple wash.
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