Want to make a good all around soil or buy a pre mixed soil looking for your advise MAH DEWDS

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by MasterOf Arts, May 14, 2018.

    MasterOf Arts

    MasterOf Arts Well-Known Member

    so if its any help i have these two if they are of any use

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    rollangrow Well-Known Member

    This is my mix organic no till, you can use perlite instead if you like. My compost was free an the over all cost was still $200. this is my first run with it but plants like it so far..
    10 cuft horse manure compost
    10 cuft pro mix bx
    10 cuft rice hulls

    NUTES - 5 pounds = 15 cups
    1 cup to 1 cu ft
    kelp meal, alfalfa meal, neem meal, fish bone meal, crab meal, gypsum, azomite, Cover crop- white,red,apex clover. and sst an compost tea

    Or go real cheap and simple and just use @ganga gurl420 mix/ "organic soil, bio tone starter plus, happy frog bulb food, and epsom salts along with a tea spoon of urea mixed into every container." I think she said a cup of bio tone an bulb food per cuft. Im thinking about trying it when my soil is used up, and her plants look wonderful.
    MasterOf Arts

    MasterOf Arts Well-Known Member

    im just gonna with buying biobizz all mix and then add the manure and compost with some extra perlite
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    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    The second picture shows multipurpose with john innes, that on its own would be just fine if the back reads for indoor plants.

    Manure and stuff is not needed, probably in the multipurpose in some form, wait till you dont have to ask these questions to use.

    Biobizz soil should be fine too, many a grow thread in that :-)

    Greenhouse;save Well-Known Member

    I've already told you to go with biobizz in the outher thread you started and if you do .......PUT NOTHING INIT.......or you'll be in trouble,it has ALL you need for first couple of weeks...........you r opening several threads to discuss the same thing...:wall:....
    MasterOf Arts

    MasterOf Arts Well-Known Member

    ive heeded your advice these was posted before you told me to go just bio bizz which you would know if you clearly look at the time stamps so why tf your going to all my threads and commenting idk

    RegularOrMenthol? Member

    The local soil is about pH 8,it needs a little work. It's a little tight too, needs some rice hulls.

    Its not any more complicated than talking to the oldest person in your neighborhood with a lush garden.. They probably remember a time before Monsanto took over the world.

    Greenhouse;save Well-Known Member

    their no need to bother with ph in soil......

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