Want to build a pump for watering. Any ideas?

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    Jeffro420 Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone. I currently use a 35 gallon brute garbage can on wheels and just dip in my watering pot then just water each plant.

    This works OK but it could be better. I am wanting to put a submersible pump in the brute can and have a short hose with a watering wand that has an on and off valve. This would make for way less bending and stretching and also save time.

    Has anyone else done this and if so have any recommendations or any links to any videos? I water usually 30 gallons at a time atleast 2 times per week.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    smokebros Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you have a good general idea of what you want to do. My 130GPH pump shoots out about 2 gallons per minute and it was under $15. Source the right adapter to connect a garden hose wand to the hose/tubing and you're all set to go.
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