Walking the Beach with: ROMBERRY!!!

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    Remember this gal? ( 6/4/18 )


    I have been holding these Romberries back since I put them in 6" square pots!

    After donating two sets of clones, this is her today..


    (Don't know which one, plus there's another not pictured)

    I'm going to veg them for about one more month, they will be topped once or twice more. Feel free to post and follow along..

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    Nothing happening until I finish this current set in flower tent. Pretty baked on it right now, I'm just getting into the first run of it now, it's been curing for a while, it's the second set that I'm going to do this journal on, should be 2 to 3 weeks at most, will give me a little time to bulk them up a bit, check back!

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    Sounds good i will check back. Hopefully by then my plants will be getting nice and big
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    Great..! Thanks for the interest, I'm not sure of the date that I chopped that plant in that picture (that was her first cutting). When I get back here in a couple weeks I'll look into the timing.

    I've got.. I'm not sure how many generations to be honest, I think 3 but I've got to look, but the second generation are the ones I'm going to put in this journal..!

    I'll get a picture tonight when the lights come on, they've been in there 3 gallon pots about a week or so
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    So there's only two Romberries, this is them today..!

    20180822_090750.jpg 20180822_090702.jpg

    .. hopefully within 2 weeks the tent will be open and the Romberries can begin to flower!?

    Not sure if I want to top again or not, I'll check the trichomes on the plants finishing up and decide tonight at lights on, likely will not, as they already have half a dozen tops or so..
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    Looking good bro!!!
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    Beachwalker Well-Known Member

    Thanks bro this grow's up next, still trying to free up some room, fortunately it looks like they're all finishing up about the same time give or take so I'm thinking another week - 10 days max, check back cuz we're doing some stunts with Jobes spikes this fall, might use these two plants for the side-by-side comparison ?

    It'll be these two or a pair of Gorilla Glue clones, both up next. I'm curious to see what happens?

    After what those spikes did for my tomatoes this year I'm expected great things! :bigjoint: 20180816_121147.jpg

    Dmannn Well-Known Member

    Mmmm, romberry..
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    Update: both Romberries having issues with septoria; only strain showing so far

    For treatment: spraying copper Wednesdays / burning sulfur Sunday's,may consider copper/Tuesday's, baking soda or neem/Thursdays & Sulphur Sundays

    (Sulphur Sundays sounds kinda punk rock) :mrgreen::wall:

    Stand by for updates stand by for adventure they should be okay they finished up before and I'm after it even heavier now they just started showing it it's been basically a swamp here for weeks 70-90% every day, I've got buds I can't even get close to drying yet, I'm glad I left them on the branches most of them anyway

    Anyway kind of a rant forget about it will keep them looking good they look good in general I'm taking them off of Mega crop back on GH Flora immediately, maybe it's me but I'm seeing more low Leaf yellowing with mega crop anyway no time to experiment now thanks for checking in stay tuned will keep em' alive somehow, got 3rd and 4th generation backed up
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    Romberry is delicious!bongsmilie:weed: it's been in the jar a few months now and that blueberry taste's incredible, sometimes I think it doesn't have the potency and other times it kicks, so I think it might be maybe I took the lower bud too soon, can't remember if I harvested in layers or all at once but in general it's a nice smoke! My first blueberry strain very strong and pleasant berry scent growing too
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