Walking the Beach with: ROMBERRY!!!

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    Remember this gal? ( 6/4/18 )


    I have been holding these Romberries back since I put them in 6" square pots!

    After donating two sets of clones, this is her today..


    (Don't know which one, plus there's another not pictured)

    I'm going to veg them for about one more month, they will be topped once or twice more. Feel free to post and follow along..

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    Nothing happening until I finish this current set in flower tent. Pretty baked on it right now, I'm just getting into the first run of it now, it's been curing for a while, it's the second set that I'm going to do this journal on, should be 2 to 3 weeks at most, will give me a little time to bulk them up a bit, check back!

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    Sounds good i will check back. Hopefully by then my plants will be getting nice and big
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    Great..! Thanks for the interest, I'm not sure of the date that I chopped that plant in that picture (that was her first cutting). When I get back here in a couple weeks I'll look into the timing.

    I've got.. I'm not sure how many generations to be honest, I think 3 but I've got to look, but the second generation are the ones I'm going to put in this journal..!

    I'll get a picture tonight when the lights come on, they've been in there 3 gallon pots about a week or so
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