Walked into a bar the other day..

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    Walked into a bar the other day.. It hurt.. But anyway, there was a menu above the bar which read:

    Sandwiches £1.50
    Bottle of Beer £2.90
    Hand Jobs: £5
    Blowjobs: £10
    Full Sex: £30

    Whilst I was reading the menu, a stunning looking lady bartender appeared. "Can I get you anything?" she asked. "Yes please I said! Are you the lady that gives the hand jobs?". With a stringy look, "I am" she replied. "Well wash your hands" I said, "I want sandwich!"

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    thank you, i needed that laugh
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    Mister J

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    I am a mountain in a motherf%$&*€#
    Tea pot.

    - R. Ching

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