Wake n Bake, Nothing Better!


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I almost got t-boned by a steak.....I mean cow lol I watched it run for the open gate while I was driving along side of the fence.......I don't think it cared or didn't see my jeep.....I swerved out of the way and missed it.
Did someone say T-bone?

and desert is cooling


No THC in the cookies, so I'd better go do a dab while they cool.

Oh @Jeffislovinlife, your bedtime snack!!

Paul Drake

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Hi beautiful
49 and hopefully sunny
Couple of drs today
I believe my new arthritis pill, otezla, is working well.
Then off to the marijuana store :eyesmoke:


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Waiting for bacon to cook, rolled some sativa up for the day.
I might have to stop in at the retail store, they have a fresh crop of Mimosa