Wait for Amber trichromes?

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    So I've read a few different opinions on when to harvest. Some people say wait for some Amber and I've read somewhere else the when they're cloudy that means peak potency. This is outdoor. As it stands there's a few ambers and everything else is cloudy. 20180911_175056.jpg 20180911_175052.jpg 20180911_175047.jpg 20180911_175038.jpg
    See green

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    From these pictures I would guess at least 3 more weeks but probably longer.

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    We are supposed to look at the trichomes after the plant has finished growing the flowers.

    And when they are done and most of the pistols have dies back look at the calyx not the bud leaves for ripeness.
  4. How much longer do you think mine has? Top Cola 3.jpg

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    Not sure. The calyx’ will keep growing and swelling until the thick white pistols are gone and then I would start checking trichomes.

    Few weeks maybe?

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    Thanks I figured I had a couple weeks left.
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  7. Awesome thanks Man

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