VIVOSUN Giveaway is coming--Win VS2000 LED Grow Light

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Hi everyone,

VIVOSUN Giving is coming.:weed::weed::weed:

Prize: VS2000 LED Grow Light *1:leaf:
Check it:
Valid Period: Aug.23-Aug.31:leaf:

Rules: 1. Follow @VIVOSUN Official on Rollitup+Like this thread
2. Comment with your grow journal or share your plants' pictures. If you don't have a VIVOSUN product, you can show your plants with hashtag #VIVOSUN (No other brand name, No offensive words, No negative words, No Politics words):leaf:

How to select the winner: We will select the winner in a random way. The number on the upper right corner of your daily participation posts is the number of your participation in the lottery.:leaf:
The more times you comment, the more likely you are to be selected.

What the winner needs to do: Share your grow journal with the prize on Rollitup with hashtag#VIVOSUN:leaf:
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I forgot the hashtag in my first post. Too late to edit and add it so I'll post again.

Well since almost all my equipment is Vivosun I guess I'll play.

Vivosun tent 4x4 tent.

Vivosun 600 watt HID light

Vivosun 2x4 veg tent

4x4 flower tent. Vivosun 600 watt HID

Posts of mine going back 3 years all supporting or promoting Vivosun products.



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My I.G. Cush from spring 2020.
This picture was taken on 4/20/2020 at 4:20'ish right before harvesting began.
I use vivisun fans, filters, heat mats and heat mat controllers. I could always use new light and an LED would be cool on the electric bill for the veg area and cooler on the over all temperature. Not to mention FREE is always cool. I would gladly share photos of the next grow and tag you cats in it too!
Good luck friends!
And thanks to the folks at #VIVOSUN for this giveaway and for having such reliable and affordable equipment!