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    Niko Bellick

    Niko Bellick Well-Known Member

    Okay, I've looked everywhere (mainly the 'tude) but nobody has any Vietnamese genetics ie Dalat, Vietnamese Black etc. I've always heard about the potency of strains in the viet, laos and cambodia area. Anybody in the breeders section got a line on some?
    Niko Bellick

    Niko Bellick Well-Known Member

    hearing that thai genetics are very similar in most aspects to Vietnamese.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    I have never tried it so I do not know if it is good or not, and it is a cross, ... but here is something to consider. Your next option might be to consider some pure African strains. They would not be exactly the same, but they would be true sativas and some are darn good ... though they are not all that easy to find totally pure. Lots claim to be, but many aren't.

    ACE Seeds › Vietnam Black x Thai Strain: Vietnam Black x Thai
    Breeder: ACE Seeds
    Location: indoor, outdoor
    Type: sativa
    Flowering: ~91 days
    No feminized seeds.
    [h=1]ACE Seeds - Vietnam Black x Thai[/h] Excellent hybrid of sativas from South East Asia. Our best Vietnam Black, Orient Express’s mother, has been pollinated by a Meao Thai male, the exceptional highland Thai developed by Cannabiogen.

    Compared to Golden Tiger, Vietnam Black x Thai offers more powerful aroma, higher yield and quicker flowering time, though its flowers are not so dense and powerful.

    Structure: Sativa with a strong and bushy structure, is the most robust Thai hybrid.

    Bouquet: In approximately half of the plants dominate the sweet and sugary flavours, while in the other half, typical wet earthy aroma and coffee are to be found. Deep and long lasting taste in the palate.

    High: Warm and expansive effect, stimulating at the begining and then relaxing.

    Outdoors: Recommended for tropical/subtropical climates. In more northern climates we recommend coastal climates with warm autumns.

    Indoors: Vietnam Black x Thai is the best adapted Sativa x Meao Thai for indoor growing. Recommended light intensity: 600 w/m2.

    Genetics: Vietnam Black x Meao Thai. F1 Hybrid. 100% sativa.
    Flowering indoors: 12-14 weeks
    Flowering outdoors: Beginning of November.
    Yield: Medium-High
    Resistance against spider mite: Medium
    Resistance against Powdery Mildew: Medium
    Resistance against botrytis: High
    Resistance against cold: Medium-High

    [h=2]Strain Lineage / Genealogy / Family Tree[/h]
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    no, but if you can get some REAL vietnamese or cambodian that isn't schwag, you have a contender for trippiest shit in the world though kali mist is based on cambodian western winds and isn't trippy at all... just euphoric and extra speedy.

    asia has many of the best sativas. thai is infamous too and burmese was always THE sativa i was most interested in for being one of the most compact ones that's trippy.

    whatever you get, let us know how it turns out. i always get it up for reports on trippy gear
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    althor Well-Known Member

    Like you know, you liar. You dont know the first thing about any of that shit.
    Is there anything you WONT lie about?!

    skunkd0c Well-Known Member

    from seedfinder :)


    sso Well-Known Member

    i had to go to vietnam to get my seeds, havent flowered it yet.

    got it from bags, pretty much schwag stuff, but 4-5 tokes and you were seeing colors in shadows and shit like that.

    no ceiling either.

    plus, it was mostly leaves and stem with tiny tiny buds (if you could find buds) (the cops there are harsh, its barely dry when you get it, plus its grown in tiny pots (that i saw))

    so , we talking, basically, 4-5 tokes of Leaves and you were seeing colors.

    can induce, heavy heavy paranoia.

    really nice stuff though, once you get used to it.

    fraid i couldnt send ya seeds, only had about 50 i smuggled back, 30 seeds later i had a male, didnt try again till a year later so never got to pollinate the plant i got going now, dunno if its a male, but it smells nicer than the male (plus, you..could actually smoke that males leaves and get pretty high, had it almost a year but then it died on me.)

    oh yeah, i saw a report (journal) on that vietnam black, dunno what forum though, but the guy was pleased as punch about it.
    Niko Bellick

    Niko Bellick Well-Known Member

    Yes sir, Saw this and added and saved it. I don't mind alil thai spice in my bud, and they are probably very similar genetics anyway. Beggars can't be choosers, I can just buy a ten pack and pick out the ones with more viet traits if I really wanted.

    African is on my list to try out. But my wife is Vietnamese so its sort of a project/present for her. Plus you never hear anybody complain about lack of potency, so I want some haha.
    Niko Bellick

    Niko Bellick Well-Known Member

    Is seedfinder legit? I'll obviously do my own research on them but whats your opinion of the site?
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    They're listed on seedfinder, but most are no longer offered .. some of the breeders are no longer in business. As GREAT as some of those strains, or strain types, are, most people won't grow them because of the length of flowering time and if you grow indoors and can't grow sequoia tree sized plants the yields will not be all that impressive.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    The site is just a database that lists as many strains as it can come up with info on strains .. but they use breeder info .. and some have grow reports that people have added. it also shows where a strain can be bought, but that's not always accurate. I've found strains they didn't list any seedbank from and a time or two i checked each seedbank they had listed and none had it because the breeder went out of business or dropped the strain from their line.

    But it's a great place to do general research and sometimes find smoke reports.
    Niko Bellick

    Niko Bellick Well-Known Member

    Ultimately and eventually I will just have to go there myself. But if I go all that way I'm finding a field to choose from. Can only imagine the resin production if the leaves had you trippin. Let me know when you flower man I have to see em.

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    The real McCoy far Asian strains really aren't very satisfying for indoor growing, and they are definitely NOT for novice growers.

    They take forever-and-a-day to finish flowering, stretch like crazy, are prone to hermaphroditism, and give low yields.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    Not all Asian strains. Many Thai strains are, but if pure it is common for the hermie pollen to be sterile or most male/hermie flowers to be sterile. Chocolate Thai is different .. it will hermie and be fertile. But I used to grow some Vietnamese sativas, from the Dalat province (maybe the correct spelling is Da Lat) my brother in law brought back from Vietnam and I never had a hermie and my brother in law grew them for years and we've talked about it a bunch and he can't remember ever having a hermie.

    It's a case of a few giving many a bad rap.

    Wolfhound Active Member

    I have a bag of seeds leftover from about 2 pounds of Vietnamese that I sent home from Long Binh Viet Nam just before coming home in '71. Long past viability but if they could talk . . .
    Niko Bellick

    Niko Bellick Well-Known Member

    You should try, worth a shot.
    Niko Bellick

    Niko Bellick Well-Known Member

    Well ive got the room to set aside for a long flower time. As for the Sequoya sized plants due to the long grow time I figured I could run a scrog, Though I will grow it in soil as soon as I get some. Will also try to duplicate the humidity and light intensity etc.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    While the odds are not good, I would still have to try and try and try again if I had those seeds. I have seen a number of threads where someone found seeds from the 70's, or even 60's, when going through a deceased parent's secret stuff from the past and now and then, out of a large number of seeds, a few will still pop.

    To be able to grow and enjoy some of the real "jungle kind" it would be worth the time and effort to try.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    A partial reprint of a High Times article. I cannot find the entire article anymore.


    A Pot Crop Lives Now

    by Dr. Dalat
    august 2005

    The story of a war-veteran helicopter pilot who never got higher than when he smoked the fabled Vietnamese strains while “in country.” Decades later, he seeks out these same plants to grow for himself at home and to smoke through his retirement.

    Story & photos by Dr. Dalat

    Thirty-two years ago, I was a 20-year-old fresh-faced and very naive young man sent to Southeast Asia by the US government—caught up, like so many of my generation, in the wide, sweeping net of the final military draft of the last century and sent to fight the war in Vietnam. As a helicopter pilot, I flew all over the central highlands of that country, circa 1969-71, and experienced much of the worst that man has to offer his fellow man, but also plenty of the best. One of my most remarkable memories was discovering a plantation of 30-foot-tall cannabis sativa trees in a very isolated province called Dalat.

    Dalat at that time was way off the beaten path. Nestled between two mountain ranges at an altitude of around 4,500 feet and really only accessible from the air (I had a distinct advantage because of my air mobility), the region was rumored amongst the grunts to be the birthplace of Ho Chi Minh, North Vietnam’s spiritual and political leader, and therefore off limits to the enemy Viet Cong. The truth of the matter was, of course, quite different. In reality, the VC used Dalat for R&R (rest and relaxation) for their troops and therefore, quite wisely, refrained from initiating any action in and around the province. In effect, both sides considered it an unofficial “no-fire zone.”

    While on one of my many fly-ins to Dalat City, I met the owner of the cannabis plantation—a wonderful older French gentleman who was always more than kind when it came to sharing his bounty. For our part, those of us in the helicopter crews kept him well stocked with much-needed and hard-to-get staples and supplies that we would scavenge from the various US base mess halls and supply depots that we visited regularly.

    The best of the sativas came from the highland areas of Vietnam, places like Ban Me Thuot and Pleiku, and were similar to the highland Thai sativas in almost all respects. The very best of all were grown in the province of Dalat—cultivated for centuries by the indigenous tribes of mountain people known as Montagnards (although in their language, they refer to themselves as “Human Beings”), these crops produced without a doubt the most remarkable and mind-expanding herb I’ve ever experienced.

    Keep in mind that the Montagnard people are an ancient culture, with no real written record—only stories passed down from generation to generation. I recall most vividly sitting amongst the tribal chieftains and listening to them chant stories about “the beginnings of time” and how cannabis had been with them forever to guide them on their spiritual journey of pantheism. They have two words in their language for cannabis. The first translates loosely as “Path to the Gods.” The second is used only if you smoke too much of this fine herb, and it describes the state of mind of someone who has done just that. It translates simply as “The Mind of God.”

    For many of us who served the “Masters of War” in those days, Vietnamese pot became our path to sanity, our lifeline. It was a simple yet very effective way of maintaining peace of mind amidst the chaos of the conflict—an escape from the horrendous reality of our daily lives. From 1964 to 1974, thousands of US soldiers came home from the war carrying as much of this “boo” with them as possible—introducing the exotic smokes of Southeast Asia to the world at large, the seeds of which would provide the main genetic building blocks for many modern strains of cannabis. Ask anyone who came of age during that time, and you’ll notice a quick flash of the eyes as their mind recalls the experience of smoking “the jungle kind.” Though often ridiculed by younger generations as the quaint musings of aging hippies, the sad fact remains that most folks younger than 45 simply have never experienced the mind-bending high of the pure land-race sativa strains of Southeast Asia.
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    sso Well-Known Member

    i´ve read that you should not start to flower sativas before they´ve matured (ehh, whats it called, when the stems dont grow side to side anymore?)

    since , its the the premature flowering that makes them hermy. (as in "oh shit, im starting really late, better make some insurance balls :)")

    and so far, well, i aint seen no hermying.

    on resin, you wont see any crystals or resin for the most part, curiously sativas dont tend to display that.

    you can speed up flowering with a 11/13 flower cycle.

    still, probably gonna take 1.5 months to begin to flower, (and thats after maturing the plant first)

    about buying in vietnam, well, id make some friends first, i would not try to buy off the street. the cops are rather brutal to boot. but its a very nice place really, good people and cheap to live there.
    reminding sorta of a more tropical spain in looks.

    the flowering, the plants i saw out there, hehehe 6 feet tall with hardly any buds (tiny) and i didnt see any change in the plants to speak of the 2 times i saw them (month apart)

    id. do either scrog or sog, if i was gonna do this strain alone.

    with sog, then a ton of tiny plants all started flowering as soon as roots showed.

    but, your instincts are on the button, as far as ive seen, these strains seems highly suited to scrogging, specially if you top them at the 3rd node (automatically creating 4 tops)
    and create many many branches.

    (btw , international canna graphic, the forum, has quite a few more pure sativa growers and is the site i would go to for more information, though, bricktop and i probably have told you most of the info.)

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