Very light green plant growth

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    Hey all,

    I’ve got some small plants in a DWC starter bucket and recently the new growth on the inside of three plants has turned a very light green color:

    However, some of the other plants in the same bucket are looking just fine:

    I’m not sure if this is something to be concerned about or not, I’m just used to seeing dark green growth in the centers. Anybody know what’s going on here? :|

    Bigz2277 Well-Known Member

    Its ok for now. If it turns yellow it is a sign of nitrogen deficiency. What is the PPM of the water after u feed them? ( u will have to shut the air pumps off to get a good reading)

    the yellowing on the bottom leaves is normal. Just take those off when they show a hint of brown.
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    As above says looks like a bit of nitrogen deficiency but with them all being in the same bucket is unlikely.
    I take it they are all the same strain?
    Seeds or Cuts?
    How are the root on that one compared with the others?

    If its in the same bucket and the others look fine then all you can really do is monitor it for now and see if it picks up.
    Jypsy Dog

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    Why don't Any of you WK members ask what the pH is? This is HYDRO. Ph is the first thing to question. It's a MOBILE DEFICIENCY your dealing with. Starts at the bottom and is moving up your plant. You should try to keep your solution @ 5.8 and allow an upward drift to around 6.2 Then correct it back to 5.8. Your Solution temps need to be high 60's low 70's for best uptake. If your running RO you need to use Cal/Mag. Check your pH FIRST!!! B4 adding anything to the system.

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    As I said in another thread your plants look hungey. I see Zinc, Mg and N def.

    Although you arent telling us much. Like pH or feed levels, nutes used.

    tbf Member

    Hey everyone,

    I️ have been keeping the pH at 5.8 and EC around 1.0. I️ added more cal-mag and they look better but I️ think I’ll try to add some nitrogen too to be safe. Anybody know the best nutes for nitrogen?
    Jypsy Dog

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    Pic? Is the pH drifting up like it should?

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    0903D0AC-4364-4F40-926E-0848F1ADD9F1.jpeg 1FA1D5A6-E66A-4614-AC76-5A0BB218FD05.jpeg EABD4BC9-11AF-4EF8-88FA-B196F79DDDD6.jpeg

    Some of the leaves are still a bit light but on the whole they look better. Oddly, though, the ph has actually dropped over time. Just a few minutes ago it was 5.1 so I added some pH up. Very strange.

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    Jypsy Dog

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    Looking good. The chart below can help with what your tank changes can mean. If your growing different strains in one tank, you have to remember some strains need different amounts of food. I always have better luck In single buckets.

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