Vertical Scrog LED Closet Grow || Flooded Tube/ NFT || 450w - Headband - 2’ x 3’

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Are these LEDs going to produce fat, sticky buds?

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  1. The buds are going to be amazing and you'll wonder why anyone uses HIDs.

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  2. The buds will be good, and the yield will be good compared to the power used.

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  3. The buds are going to be fluffy and weak and you'll wonder why anyone flowers with LEDs.

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  4. Why not just wait and see?

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    jigfresh Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone,

    My name is jigfresh and I love growing Marijuana. I also love the online experience of sharing my grows (and life) with you all. I started researching how to grow at the beginning of 2009, ended up joining a forum and buying some clones. The rest is history. I have made tons of friends from these pages, and not just online friends, but some we’ve taken to the real world. Hopefully I’ll make some more friends throughout this journal.

    I’ve had a bunch of different set ups in my little closet. It is 2’ x 3’ (~0.7 sq.m). I live in the mountains so the air is cool all year round helping with temps in the grow space. I also live in southern california, so the air is dry helping a lot with humidity. You should all live up here… ideal growing conditions. We even have amazingly clear tap water. I have tried both hydro and soil now, and I am definitely meant to do hydro. Soil was a horrible disaster. We won’t go there.

    So hydro, I have done a 30 gal DWC with 6 plants. I have done 5 gallon buckets. And now I am onto flooded tubes or NFT, whatever you would like to call it. I took the idea from Heath Robinson and made it work for me. There is a brand spankin’ new 27 gallon tank in the closet, and I’ll be using my old 4” soil pipe covered in aluminum tape. The only part to the system aside from the tank and tubes is the water pump/ hose. Gravity handles oxygenation of the water.

    I am starting from clones this round. They are supposedly Headband, but things aren’t 100% for sure. Potheads. :/ They were started in soil, so I washed them off when I got them home and put them in netpots. I used hyrdoton to hold them snugly in there. There will be 6 plants, 3 for each of the two levels. I’m thinking I’ll veg for about a month, depending on how fast they grow.

    So after all that talk I am finally to the exciting part. I’m trying LED’s !!! In the past I have used MH, HPS, and CMH bulbs. 250w, 400w, 1000w and many combinations of those. This is my first try with LED technology. I have been wanting to try it for a long time, but was hesitant to shell out the money for something I didn’t trust. As luck would have it I got an opportunity to test some lights for a company to see how well they work. I’m really hoping these things work out well… my wife doesn’t smoke and is not a big fan of the huge electricity bills. :)

    The lights are from and are 150w each. I’m going to mount them vertically on the door of the closet to blast the plants against the other 3 walls. I have 3 of the 150w panels. They are truly bright bright bright. I bought welders goggles to wear around them. I’ve run 1000w hortilux eye’s before and they don’t touch how bright one of these panels are to the human eye. I think you could go blind real quick with these things not protecting yourself. Be careful out there kids.

    Because of the temperature difference with the LED’s vs the 1000w things are a little different in my closet than they are usually. I took out the 435 cfm and put in a 50 cfm fan. The thinking was too much air movement would keep the closet too cool… however I don’t like that the plants don’t have as much fresh air as before, and I’m also worried there will be humidity issues later in the grow when there’s a lot of vegetation. That bridge will get crossed when we get to it.

    Not sure what else to say at this point. I’m sure you guys will have some questions, I’ll do my best to answer them. All input is welcome, I appreciate advice although I’m not quick at taking it always. Be patient with me and we’ll figure this out together.

    Thanks for checking things out and let me know what you think.


    I keep the clones in the small DWC to grow their roots long enough to reach the bottoms of the tubes. They are long enough now, so I have to get to work putting the tubes back in the closet. Here is a video from yesterday. The only difference today is I added a second light to the mix.
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    Pinworm Well-Known Member

    Front row. Let's show 'em how to LEDRDWC. I brought my stunners. :::subbed:::
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    dr green dre

    dr green dre Well-Known Member

    8-) some body call a dr.. subb

    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    You know im in man! Awesome. :-)

    bassman999 Well-Known Member

    Im in for this ride!

    Are you going to run all 3 lights then?
    Are you going to add the lights in stages to build up a tight tolerance of sorts?

    Are you going to post a vid of JIG playing guitar or sax??
    Lil ganja princess

    Lil ganja princess Well-Known Member

    locked in and waiting

    supchaka Well-Known Member

    I'd probably hang the 3rd light horizontal way up top. Or like I mentioned before the better idea would be a clone/veg area :) oh and that's funny you think you'll be able to veg for a month. I'm thinking 2, 3 weeks tops. And now that I think about it, I believe that plant stretched less than anything else in my room so that's some useful knowledge :) oh what else, she was the lightest feeder in the group too so roll that nute throttle on slow. Her buds get heavy early, mine has the most stakes in it over any other plant too. I suppose I could have made some paragraphs but I'm posting from the phone :)

    Pinworm Well-Known Member

    I remember you explaining your nutrient line-up before, jig. Any chance I can I talk you into explaining what you plan on running this round?

    jigfresh Well-Known Member

    chaka I'm planning on running them all vertically next to each other, one for each wall. They seem to do really well really close up, so I'm going to get them close to the buds.

    Yeah I'm going to run all three and I'll do them all at once, the plants never got a shock form the lights that I could see and there is no bleaching or anything ill going on from them being close to the plants. Only thing is they are growing like mad and stacking nodes like nobodies business. I swear I can see them growing.

    I don't think there's much chance of watching me actually play anything... much to shy for that (believe it or not). But there will definitely be some audio on the way. Guitar at least. I don't have a sax right now.

    Nutrient Line Up: DM = Dutch Master

    Throughout the grow I use:

    DM Silica
    DM Zone
    GenHydro pH down

    In addition during Veg:

    DM Veg A + B

    In addition during Flower:

    DM Flower A + B
    DM Potash+
    DM Add 2.7 flower

    I did use House and Garden Roots Excelurator this round one time in the little DWC.
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    bassman999 Well-Known Member

    I feel ya on the shy thing.
    Man those plants are in for it with all that light!!

    Pinworm Well-Known Member

    Thanks, brother. Getting a pen...Are you adding the silica for ph up value? or for the stability? Random question, yes. Is the DM Add 2.7 for the P-K values in flower? Appologies for all the dummy questions, but your roots are so healthy, I just want to replicate your awesomeness...

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    jimmer6577 Well-Known Member

    I have a feeling this will be interesting.

    budbro18 Well-Known Member


    Ive been runnin dyna lately. Just 1 grow bottle and 1 bloom bottle. Easy as can be.

    jigfresh Well-Known Member

    A big warm welcome to Jimmer. Glad to have you check things out brother. I promise not to be a dick on my own thread, I reserve that for the 600. :) Things will get interesting for sure, whether it's of any interest to anyone is the question.

    Silica is for happy healthy plants. It is supposed to strengthen cell walls and what's not to love about that. Someone actually told me a reason once, but I thought the trade off was better. I think every DWC person should use some brand of Silica.

    The Add 2.7 is what Dutch Master gets for their other products doing so well. The other bottles I have a reason to use them. This one I just get it because DM says it makes things work better. I tend to believe what they say as I like the results I get using their products.... so I use the 2.7. I'm not saying it's snake oil... but that's the reason I buy it. Cuz they said it works.

    I've used sweeteners in the past, I've used HCO products like gravity and bushmaster, I've used cal-mag for RO, I'm sure I've bought a few other bottles here and there. I have pretty much boiled my system down to the bottles I listed.

    Oh, and I stop giving the plants everything except Silica and Zone for 2 - 3 weeks before harvest.

    @G, you know what's up. :)

    And budbro... that's just too easy. Even if it does work great, it's too easy for me Lol... there has to be Something to do on rez day. hahaha

    Mohican Well-Known Member

    CalMag also has iron and zinc, I think. Hey, I'm a rapper!

    The leaves just look a little pale in the pictures. Every time I see that in my cab I hit them with some CalMag and they darken right up. Many of the LED growers have said they needed to increase CalMag usage.

    Alone? Is there snow? I can be there in an hour :)

    Puff puff pass


    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Ready for buds!

    SupaM Well-Known Member

    Sup, erbody! Do it to it, Jig ATB!
    curious old fart

    curious old fart Well-Known Member


    jigfresh Well-Known Member

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