Vertical in small tent possible?

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    She still bulked up all the way down.

    I was just agreeing that the op could use the t-5's for veg and save all the more powerful lighting for flowering.

    I veg with about 250 watts of t-5 with 3-4 plants growing at different stages and plug in a 1200 watt Hortilux super hps flower room as they get harvested.

    The iPhone flash was used to hide the hps light.

    IMG_6960.PNG IMG_6961.PNG IMG_6962.PNG

    I am considering adding either my 315 LEC in the middle or some 4' uv+ bulbs along the wall about middle plant height.

    I have been waiting for led to get as good as t-5 but don't believe it can be without uvb.

    You get the flavor bump but not the thc.
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    Yeah considering all my problems she's packing it on and still has 4+ weeks left to finish!

    Definitely could use t5 for veg then side lighting. I really think current (Samsung/bridgelux) leds will outperform in almost way a t5, during flower the t5 may give better quality than led alone but that's why the led is supplementing a 315w which has a broad spectrum?

    You can buy 200w strips + driver for about $100 us which will last 10+ years and is 50% efficient.

    Nice room! Why isn't the 315w in there at the moment is heat holding you back in summer?
    Do you think changing those 2 x 600w HPS to 4x 315w cmh + 600w led strips around would do any better?
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    I spent all year before summer comparing hid's. I compared the 600 horti's and also a 600 blue mh and a 315 3100k Phillips.

    What I found is what the university of Michigan has determined. Too much blue light makes short leafy plants. Supplement a little blue with the red is their recommendation.

    For leafy greens the advice is reversed. Full spectrum with tons of blue light to grow leaves.

    I can't say about multiple 315's as I only have one but the best nugs consistently came from 2 hps and 1 315.

    Individually. The colors and smell and maybe frostiness was better with the 315. But the density, yield and general size and togetherness of the buds is better with hps.

    1 of each mh to hps also was too much for me.

    I am now comparing hps only to the other results. But I miss the 315 already. As a supplemental light it is awesome.

    But it ultimately cost me 30% yield average per plant and the buds were much leafier and looser for the most part in my system.

    Multiple 315's and a sog or scrog and you may have something. But no real penetration like an hps.
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