Vermicomposters Unite! Official Worm Farmers Thread

Discussion in 'Organics' started by Rising Moon, Mar 26, 2013.


    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Been at it about 9 months and have castings in mixes and 40 pounds on hand. They do a great job on trim. Odorless and surprisingly unmessy.
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    stoned-monkey Well-Known Member

    Worm farmers AND bokashi composters, do you put meat in you bokashi then feed it to your worms?
    Seems like a no-no but if its organic compost then maybe.

    Kushash Well-Known Member

    Hello fellow farmers!

    1000 redworms being shipped Monday by Uncle Jim for my new worm factory 360.

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    My worm farm came with cloth “filters”. Just what is the material called?

    jungle666 Member

    Anyone made their own worm farm , cheers j
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    Buck Twofifty

    Buck Twofifty Active Member

    I use 25 G fabric pots loaded with aged horse manure, and amended with kelp meal, neem cake, Cascade Minerals basalt, malted barley flour, spent mushroom substrate(horse manure/vermiculite), oyster shell flour, and meal worm frass, load with 3,000-3,500 red worms, then cover with straw. This is my standard procedure for making EWC. However, since I am fortunate enough to have approximately one dozen- 3 cu ft bags of meal worm frass on hand, I am currently aging a 25 G fabric pot filled with mostly frass, some canna scraps and stems, straw, and I will amend with the standard inputs before populating with 3k-3.5k red wigglers. As the horse manure has produced results that blow away even the best bagged castings that I have purchased, I am interested in finding out what kind of quality results are obtained from using the frass as the bulk of my starting material, rather than the horse manure. If anyone has any experience doing something similar, I would be interested in hearing about it. Thanks.
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    thump easy

    thump easy Well-Known Member

    I met a real big guy Xxxx Man Buds from this forum i drove up north with jozikins and fucken blew me away 120 fucker off of like a few plants i think like 2 but i could be wrong i asked him how he sead with horse shit and kelp i couldn't fucken believe it.. By the way Hope Things panned out tree man!!!!! Best of luck. But ya fucken blew meaway
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