Ventilation Of 5'X10' Tent

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    Pata Member

    My Setup:

    5'x10'x8 Grow tent
    2 X 4'X4' Flood Tables
    2X Air cooled 1000W Lights
    8" Inline

    So im trying to figure out how this should be setup. Previous tent grows I ran it like this and was just OK:

    Window < 8" Fan < 4 X 8 Tent < 600w < 600w < 600w < filter
    6" duct fan blowing fresh air from inside the room.

    Would it be better to:

    Window < 8" Fan < 5 X 10 Tent < 1000w < 1000w < Room
    Window < 6" Fan < Tent < Filter
    Room < duct fan < Tent

    Overkill? Just right? Regional temps are from the mid 40's to mid 80's.

    Johnhorror Active Member

    Hey man I have a similar set up in my 5x10x6.5
    (2) 1000W
    (1) 8" fan exhaust fan
    (1) homemade carbon filter (40lbs of carbon/10gal bucket/6" PVC )

    As for intake I'm not using a fan, temperatures arround here are a little too cold so I only run a 4 inch duct outside my window for fresh air intake and I have the screen window in my tent open with an AC filter attached (my setup is in a basement so I don't want any contaminants) I also have a 6" port open and filtered the same way. All vents for intake are on the opposite side of my carbon filter , however my 8" hurricane fan is very strong and creates too much negative pressure so I just ordered a speed controller either way I know I will be replacing the air easily every minute. As for your setup I would think that a 4" inline intake fan would work best, I always went with either 1/4-1/2 the size of exhaust fan for the intake also I like the idea of (3) 600W over the (2) 1000W lights , I would have done that but got a great deal on my 1000W's. Well this is just my opinion of how I would do it always good to get a bunch of different opinions/options! Hope this helps

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