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Discussion in 'Organics' started by Matt Rize, Sep 7, 2010.


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    True that.

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    I'd be more concerned with China's excessive use of antibiotics which has led to the evolution of an antibiotic-proof bug. For the production of meats. I'm not veg or vegan, but the criticism of veganism is like some old lady nagging. Let's take cod-liver oil too. And spank kids. track indeed. image.jpeg Sorry! my lights on. L-R: Blue Dream; Platinum GSC; Sherbet (pink Panther); and 3 little ones-Alien OG; THC Bomb; Key Lime Pie clones. And two males just til flowering is induced and I'll remove them. The attention to soil here is intense. I've had 4' x 10' x 2' out door compost with chickens and rabbits and hay. I just use Frog Farm Frog dirt. It burns plants if i even add a little fertilizer at the bottom so it's best alone with extra perlite. These are almost all Dark Heart Nursery clones. Only THC Bomb is someone else. It's the Bay's premier clone provider essentially. I cross clones up with TGA-strain males. Sherbet smells like a stinky foot or something and it's only 3 weeks in. Dank odor of kush.
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    Ugg Matt rise
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    Look at a local gardening store they will have everything you need not taking Walmart etc. A store that's for plants only

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    Do you think I can bug you, possibly a lot when we get our growing going? We are waiting for the MM license to get processed but we are Vegan so this really did interest me. Also, I am a fan of as natural as possible.

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    matt rize no longer posts on here but he does have an instragram, however if you are an ethical vegan i highly suggest read all of matt rizes information
    along with kyle kushmans information and website

    dont expect people to spoon feed you information here, you will have to do almost all the research yourself. but luckily our website has been around since 2006 so there is an extensive amount of research and information poured onto here
    at the top right theres a search bar, use it it will be your best friend

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    Oh trust me, all i have been reading about lately is nothing but information. I haven't known anyone to grow truly vegan so it was my first time hearing about it.
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    Couldnt I accomplish that in correctly proportionate compost, and cover crops, and save money by paying for trash bags along with no bill for my fertz?..i mean..#fnature

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    Do you guys have any book recommendations for beginners in this subject? Ideally one that isnt too heavy in the sciences because I just garden as a hobby. I am really interested in growing this way as I currently do all organic, but hey it would be fantastic to be more than just organic

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    Thank god
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    The Earth demands blood. Shrooms told me so.
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    Olive Drab Green

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    Go organic, but use blood, bone, and meat meal and bat guano like you're supposed to. That's how nature intended. You are a sack of rotting meat when you die for a reason. Do the Earth a favor and ditch veganics.

    Just kidding. That's just my opinion, do what you want.
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    Any discussion with the word 'vegan' seems to follow a certain argument....
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    Matt Rize

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    Start with "teaming with microbes" then "teaming with nutrients" good reads and generally approved of by the organic gestapo.
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    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    Thanks to everyone for answering questions, I'm learning so much from you all. Since the start of this thread I've switched from vegan indoor, to organic outdoor and greenhouse gardens.

    We reuse the soil, amending and aging it between rounds. Then we grow a cover crop on the soil, and plant into the cover. We mix old soil with new bagged soils and dry amendments like neem cake and kelp. This round we are testing Sensi SCI soil.

    Honest review time:
    Sensi SCI : I ordered one palette, twice. Both came quickly and professional. But both were obviously under aged. The company said one was aged 45 days and the other 60 if I recall. The smell of the soil was nauseating. The plants had a hard time transplanting into a 50/50 Sensi SCI / Old soil mix at first.

    But... Once the soil aged and the girls recovered from transplant shock they exploded. Then into aged soil mix beds and smart pots They are bigger, greener, and more lush than usual. So I would use it again. But next time have my priorities right and order way ahead of time. That's on me.

    Pictures is a little cover cropped seed plant Starburst OG X Orange Chem we call Orange Starburst. In a 150 gallon lol

    And the 20:1 CBD plants ACDC under a shade cloth.

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    how about worm shit? best fertilizer known to man kind? what if they crawl into your pure veganic compost, can you still call it veganic?

    I don't grow veganically, just trying to understand where to draw the line. I might actually grow a few plants veganically for fun but I am not sure it's possible to keep poop out all together. What about insects poop? That's the direction my gardening is heading to, insect shit and worm shit... is it veganic?

    What about birds flying and pooping in your pots coze they like to hang on the bamboo stick, are you then no longer veganic.... how about really old manure, that has been digested by billions of insects, microbes and bacteria, has it become veganic? Food for thoughts... I know I will never grow without the worms, they are my best friends now.
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    GreenSanta Well-Known Member

    one more question, how about you grow a forest of maple trees heavily mulch with horse manure or all kind of other manure, are you allowed to rake them leaves to use all mulch? they might have manure on them!
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    It's nuts
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    I think he said he switched to conventional organic growing.
    the first line, he says he "switched from vegan indoor, to organic outdoor and greenhouse gardens"

    i'm not the person to ask, in my opinion the whole concept of it is borderline asinine..
    I mean microbes ARE animals..
    because we can't SEE them makes it ok?
    just reminds me of the hippy vegan girl with leather shoes and purse...sipping on her starbucks mocha-chai
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    there might actually be a market for veganic, I mean I sure can grow veganic if someone is willing to pay more for it, so far I can hardly get people to pay more for true organic weed... ! Again not wanting to repeat myself but even in Kyle Kushman's veganic line, I am sure lots of ingredients were grown on fields that were pooped on.

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