Vapor pressure deficit?

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    Hey green thumbs. I was just wonder if anyone is monitoring VPD and if so how do you calculate? How often? Tuning in your VPD can maximize uptake correct?

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    40-50% humidity will do for stable 75/78f temp range. If you have 80/85f temps then you will be needing around 60% humidity to not over stress the plants transpiration cycle. When you are at or over 60% humidity it is more important to think about plant spacing and air flow to avoid humidity spots being trapped in canopy. You will see some rot in the biggest buds otherwise or regardless. If you have a strain expression that has dense medium sized buds these are the best to grow as they are more resilient to rot (more over all surface area to evap) yet don't sacrifice yield. Huge colas are deceiving and fools gold.. they are bigger but lack the density of decent medium sized buds and amount to around the same weight. As the buds are not as dense yet so big, they act like a sponge for moisture.

    You should truly consider running these bench marks and taking note of these factors before increasing humidity any further. You won't enjoy the results otherwise.
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