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    Im from the Philippines, and i know that u guys know what's happening here. Our president is prohibiting the usage of any drugs here, and killing people who's using or not using it. Anyway i want to be more discreet user of medical marijuana to help my anxiety and ptsd, is it possible to shipp vape cartridges here? If ever how? I know its impossible but still i want to try to save my self. Thank you guys, any comment is appreciated. Much love ❤️ peace! ✌

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    Damn I was not aware of the drug laws in the Philippines. That's crazy that this kind of thing happens. Maybe you should try to make you're own cartridges. I've done it before, it's not too hard. Everything you need can be found on Amazon. Good luck.... Try not to die for smoking weed.
    Roger A. Shrubber

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    buy a small bottle of peg-400, and a larger bottle of either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol.
    either make kief or oil, then dissolve the kief or oil in a small amount of the peg-400, then add that to a larger amount of pg, vg, or a mixture of both.
    i use 50 ml of peg-400, 50 ml of pg, and 100 ml of vg. i have a 200 ml beaker, i put kief in it up to the 50 ml mark, then add the peg.
    if you put your container of kief/oil and peg in a hot water bath, it helps dissolve it faster

    Vapegod420 New Member

    True mate! I plan that before but its difficult, only e-juice makers can purchase vg and pg here. And about the amazon they cant ship liquids here sad to say. So the only way to have cartridges here is by buying it somewhere else and shipp here, i read some threads that you can escape custom security

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    If i can get those ingredients, the weed itself is a big problem here. People out here growing male plants or hermi plants to smoke not the female one. Its also difficult to grow my own medicine here coz our local police have access to those who are buying high wattage equipments and other stuff that can use to grow marijuana. So my only way to continue may medication is to buy vape cartridges overseas i know its a bit risky but i need to gamble

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    Medicate or Die? Crazy
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