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Discussion in 'Medicating' started by Chris Edward, Mar 10, 2018.

    Chris Edward

    Chris Edward Well-Known Member

    Hello All,
    I recently purchased a few of the Kanger Protank3 mini and Kanger T3'D tanks and they are great but the coils go out in them so quickly.
    Previously I was re-filling the cartridges from old pre-fills from the dispensary and those worked for months until the coil began to go on them and they started spitting out concentrate.

    I suppose the biggest issue with the Kanger tanks is that when the coils go, they leak...a lot, from both sides. So the battery gets flooded with concentrate and you get tons of concentrate spitting into your mouth, which makes for some interesting evenings...
    For the e-cig folks who buy their "juice" in 30ml bottles losing a few ml's to leaking isn't the biggest loss, but when it's a cannabis concentrate that costs like $120 a ml, losing a quarter of a 1.5ml tank is a big deal....

    Then on top of that the replacement coils are like $2 each, so finding out that a stupid $2 coil just cost me $50 in lost concentrate only makes it that much harder to deal with.

    What cartridges do you all use?
    Clearomisers, drip coils, sub-ohm cartridges...
    This is a new-ish world to me so I am still not sure how much of what is used in the e-cig world can be used for cannabis and so far what I have seen as the cartridges built for cannabis are expensive and mostly not rebuild-able (unless you count replaceable wicks as rebuild-able).

    Is there a trick to making the Kanger coils last longer?

    How long do your wicks last?

    Do you tanks leak?

    Do you rebuild your coils?
    I have seen lots of videos on how to rebuild the coils but I am a bit standoff-ish about this. The batteries are lithium-ion and if wires get crossed the battery will explode and catch fire.

    I would love to hear everyone else's thoughts.

    Thank you!
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    BestNameEver Member

    The Kanger ProTank 3 is ancient in terms of vape gear.
    I'm using a Suorin Air with concentrate mixed in with vape liquid (I've been vaping since 2011, when I quit smoking). The coils last a couple weeks if always kept wet. It's a good match in resistance and voltage as compared to the old-school Kanger tanks, and is about as simple and reliable as vape gear gets.
    The only criticism I read in reviews of the Air pods was that they'd burn rather than wick, so before adding concentrate, I fill a pod halfway with vape liquid, let it soak the wick for about 15 min, and verify that it vapes before adding concentrate.
    I wouldn't try rebuilding coils for this...
    Chris Edward

    Chris Edward Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input, but to be honest, I could care less how new or ancient the vape gear, I only care whether it works.
    Chris Edward

    Chris Edward Well-Known Member

    Honestly, the jury is till out on this one.
    But there have been studies done by cigarette companies and independent labs and they have shown over and over how vaping is cleaner than smoking cigarettes, I would assume the results with cannabis are similar.
    Here's a video that shows the difference

    So from that standpoint, you are putting less junk into your lungs by vaping.
    When it comes to vape bases, that's a whole other kettle of fish as very few companies use the same bases and new bases are always coming out.
    If you make your own liquids you will have do some research and find a balance that you like as some bases (like propylene glycol) are tolerated better by some than others.

    There is less information about other bases like PEG 200, PEG 400, and triacetin, etc...
    So, like the rest of us, you're sort of on your own.

    When it comes to flavors, there has been almost no testing on flavors so no one can tell you one way or the other with confidence whether flavors are healthy or not.

    I hope this was helpful...

    BestNameEver Member

    Is that really all you gleaned, simply the lead-in statement which preceded a specific comparison to the product recommendation you requested?
    If so, I wish you well on your journey of partial reading and continuous disapponitment! ;)
    Chris Edward

    Chris Edward Well-Known Member

    No, that is not all I got out of your reply.

    I suppose I should have been MORE specific that I was asking about RTA's and not All-in-ones...
    Seeing as how all I mentioned in the post was RTA's...

    I thank you for your suggestion though.

    I prefer tank atomizers, I like how they can be torn down, cleaned and rebuilt.

    At the time I was having issues with the Kanger tank leaking but since then I have figured out a trick and so far it has worked pretty well.

    Sorry if I hurt your feelings...

    charface Well-Known Member

    I pay roughly 1buck each for disposables, if one fails you can suck the juice out w a syringe and put it in a good one.

    My friends who invested in nice tanks have nothing but trouble because they try to get too much life from them.

    I haven't had anyone out of about 5 people report a failure.

    One lady dropped one and it developed a leak.

    For a dollar each its nice to just use a nice fresh tank then toss it and get a fresh one.
    Chris Edward

    Chris Edward Well-Known Member

    Where do you get them?
    How long can you use them before you taste the coil?

    I have used disposables before and I went back to them for a bit while I tinkering with the Kanger tanks. The issue I had with the disposables was prior to using the Kanger tanks, I thought they were pretty cool, but after using the Kanger tank and getting such a clean hit when I went back to the disposable I could taste the coil and it was nasty...

    Maybe I was just using the wrong disposable...

    The Kanger tanks have been working and the coils have lasted quite a while, I am still on the first pack and it's been almost 5 months.
    I think I have figured out the trick to using them.
    I will post it soon, I just want to make sure the trick works before I suggest it to others.

    Thanks for the suggestion...
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    charface Well-Known Member
    I buy the 1 mil and divide a gram between them.

    Fill it once and toss it so it shouldnt get a chance to taste too bad.

    But it sounds like you have figured out how to make the nicer ones work.

    I just get these because Im giving them to people and don't want to hear about their coil problems all day Lol

    Just use it and toss it.
    Jack Kilgore

    Jack Kilgore Well-Known Member

    Hey this was interesting to watch, thx for posting. I shared it on my fb page.
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