Useful tips on how to lose weight. Also please share yours

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    wascaptain Well-Known Member

    i didnt go plant based whole food to lose weight, but i did.

    i always been a gym rat and thought i was eating 'clean". i didnt realize what eating clean was till i dropped meat and dairy.

    and my fitness level is thru the roof, i was taken off all prescribe meds within 2 months, been almost a year to date..i dropped 45 lbs

    go meat and dairy free boys...could change your health.....did mine

    me on the way to summit pikes peak. did the incline 2 days before. hiked hanging lake, garden of the gods, bear lake, mineral well spring trail.....didnt get to hike storm king mountain...i was just too beat up.

    hiked these trails high as a kite!

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    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

    It's amazing how much better I feel after cutting meat and alcohol consumption.
    Pretty sure both were contributing to my acid reflux and irritable bowel.
    Alcohol also triggers gout, so I'm done drinking. Good riddance!
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    joeyg88 Active Member

    stop smoking weed lol the munchies are making you fat

    ticklykayak Active Member

    Yes, I am doing this every day and this is true for me!
    • Drink water with every meal. Not only is it good for your health it also helps prevent you from overeating.
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    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

    Wtf... you are a beast. Great job!
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    bf80255 Well-Known Member

    holy fuck ur LW jacked bro ahhpink.png
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    bf80255 Well-Known Member

    hey im sorry...not really... but all you guys talkin about keto and fasting and vegan and all that trendy bullshit are fuckin quacks!
    stichesidepink.png pink duck.jpg stichesidepink.png

    that stuffs goofy pinkiederp.png
    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member


    bf80255 Well-Known Member

    Naaaaughty.jpg Just sayin...... lol

    I think the thing that seems to work best across the board as far as weight loss goes IME is limiting processed carbohydrates and meats to like once a week, increasing veggie intake to 2-3 cups a day, drinking lots of water and finding an intelligent workout program that you enjoy and can maintain. and If resistance training works for you definitely go that route, its the quickest way to increase lean body mass.

    (im a pretty fit guy, been pretty fat in the past and im a personal trainer so Im not just talkin out my ass or regurgitating shit ive read, this is wat works for me and clients.) hope that helps aliensmileopink.png
    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

    I said the same thing about meat in another thread. You gotta limit your dick intake.

    SCJedi Well-Known Member

    So it been just over two full weeks and I'm in ketosis. No beer, no bread, no fucking beans/rice/tortillas which pisses off my latina wife. LOL.
    I am weak, easily agitated, and still craving sugars big time. The biggest challenge has been to maintain enough calories to keep from falling down. I should be consuming around 2400-ish and am consuming about 1600. The switch from glucose generated by carbs to glucose generated by fats affects my brain function. Lots more mistakes at work. I'm hoping this clears up some past the transition into ketosis.

    I imagine my cholesterol levels must be punching the ceiling!
    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

    Has anyone studied the long-term effects of ketosis?
    Seems like the Atkins diet is unsustainable.
    I've never known anyone to stick to it after losing weight. (They always gain it all back.)

    Fubard Well-Known Member

    I think that goes for any of these "fad", as I call them, diets, people lose the lbs quickly but then go back to old ways once their "target" has been reached, and the same goes for these shakes and other meal replacement things as well.

    All I know is I lost over a quarter of my body weight in under a year, and it's still slowly going, just by cutting out processed crap and junk, alongside what little sugar was consumed, went very low fat and as close to zero sugar as possible but the biggest difference was quantities, no more eating until full and so forth. Simple changes, but the difference is that they are PERMANENT changes regarding intake which means I'll reach a specific weight and, basically, stay there.

    I believe it's the only way to get things in order so they stay in order, anyway, otherwise it's the "fad diet/weight gain" rollercoaster ride that everyone probably, one way or another whether it's themselves or a woman, knows.
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    Fubard Well-Known Member

    An update if anyone's interested.

    First A1C without any diabetes medication stayed at 5.7, with HbA1C actually dropping slightly. Random finger prick tests always within "normal, you don't have diabetes" range no matter what.

    After a fall back on cholesterol, my own fault, that's completely in normal range again. I say my fault because I thought "what harm can a little cheese do on a low fat diet". Well, quite a lot, apparently, so that was cut and cholesterol perfect after 3 months, was the only change made. And since I found somewhere doing 0% and 4% fat soft cheese I can enjoy cheese again.

    Weight completely stable between 152-156, BMI 22.6 at the max.

    No fancy fad diets, just sensible eating of damn near everything that isn't filled with sugar and fat, am too much of a carnivore to go vegan and you'll never keep me off my bacon.

    So weight loss, BIG change in diet, and I eliminated Type 2 within a year, brought the "metabolic syndrome" under control and, unlike most people I know of my age am in a better state than 10 years ago even though I cannot exercise.

    One other tip. Hot sauce, as hot as you can handle. The capsaicin in hot sauce is an antiinflammatory, boosts metabolism and reduces hunger pangs, amongst other things. You don't have to be as nuts as me and use Reaper sauce like ketchup, but as long as it's not sweet chilli sauce loaded with sugars there is a benefit. Or just munch on fresh chilli, not bell, peppers as a snack. Another bonus is the capsaicin comes out in your sweat and, well, mozzies don't really like that so you don't get squadrons of the little bastards attacking you.

    Every little helps.
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    wascaptain Well-Known Member

    breezed 5 miles this morning.

    been following a running chart that will get me to 26.2 in 30 weeks.

    and i am in 3 weeks into it.

    this puts me running 4 times a week

    . and i been training for a 911 stair climb

    and i am into 28 days of on a 90 day killer ab schedule.

    3 weeks out from the start of 4 races that lead up a qualifying marathon in march.

    plant power boys!
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    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

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    Fubard Well-Known Member

    Proverbs 28:1


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