Useful tips on how to lose weight. Also please share yours

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    wascaptain Well-Known Member

    i didnt go plant based whole food to lose weight, but i did.

    i always been a gym rat and thought i was eating 'clean". i didnt realize what eating clean was till i dropped meat and dairy.

    and my fitness level is thru the roof, i was taken off all prescribe meds within 2 months, been almost a year to date..i dropped 45 lbs

    go meat and dairy free boys...could change your health.....did mine

    me on the way to summit pikes peak. did the incline 2 days before. hiked hanging lake, garden of the gods, bear lake, mineral well spring trail.....didnt get to hike storm king mountain...i was just too beat up.

    hiked these trails high as a kite!

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    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

    It's amazing how much better I feel after cutting meat and alcohol consumption.
    Pretty sure both were contributing to my acid reflux and irritable bowel.
    Alcohol also triggers gout, so I'm done drinking. Good riddance!
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    joeyg88 Member

    stop smoking weed lol the munchies are making you fat

    ticklykayak Active Member

    Yes, I am doing this every day and this is true for me!
    • Drink water with every meal. Not only is it good for your health it also helps prevent you from overeating.
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    mr sunshine

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    Wtf... you are a beast. Great job!
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