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    Clone run of DDS #1 & #2. 2x#1 1x#2
    #1a. 20190414_191708.jpg 20190414_191715.jpg #1b. 20190414_191724.jpg 20190414_191738.jpg

    pthobson Well-Known Member

    So by the original Tranquil Elephantizer, does this mean it came from a snow lotus mother and 88 g13 hashplant father?

    CoB_nUt Well-Known Member

    Useful Seeds

    Useful Seeds Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    You are correct.

    rudyson Member

    If you are looking for an outdoor tester...I am your guy. Got a couple useful seeds started for the season and would be cool to add to it.

    outliergenetix Well-Known Member

    i hear ya, same here. i have been sporadic as welll. those jabba x ssdd are about week 4 now 2 are smelling gorgeous like a fruity fuely sorta thng but very intoxicating to the olfactory senses. seems like the nugs are gonna be super hard to they already feel dense even tho tiny. the other 3 seem to have a more subdued smell and not so vibrant and fruity. iaslo got a decent amount of the xmass bud pollen and just moved thos 10 jabbas from shwaggy and the 10 choc mint crosses you did to the basement and took clonses. will be flipping next weekend . the jabbas F2 look allot like the jabbasxssdd tbh dark in color, tight nodes and bushed with broad leaves. the choc mint cross is lanky wider noded and almst complete apical dominance. the side shoots really are not really growin much from where the fan leaves intersect. so this is one prolly best suited for training but i'm just growing them topped once for clones with a little pruning at the base. hard to say about smell i havent really even rubbed these individually but this veg room smells more dank than the flower room s at times so something in these 20 has a good smell
    imma rock out these strains/clones for a cpl runs and select any keepers. once satisfied there i will pop some more of your beans brotha. maybe this fal i will get those LED's built. still broke as a joke here lol, common theme for me
    peace and stay stoned
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    outliergenetix Well-Known Member

    i am pretty new to useful's beans but i like what i see. the jabbaxssdd freebies he gave away look to be a good option for outdoors. i say this because they are so short, stocky and sturdy no wind is gonna hurt the things. they also handled ph and nutrient swings as i dont ph to the exact number ieveryime when in soil. they also handled some overwatering and feeding well. i have not finished flowering tho and i dont have damp conditions so i cannot speak for mold and pests, but these are plants you can put outdoors and not worry about em toppling over or branches breaking for sure. they seem to be flowering at about the normal 60 day rate. the xmass bud i would say the same thing about but i only got a male, but that male has the traits i mentioned plus it flowered super early i would say the pheno male i got is a 50-60 day finisher, not sure if it is an outlier in that sense i only grew one
    i have also heard i think from kevin jodrey in a video where he called bodhi on the phone during an interview , that the g13hp is the perfect outdoor plant so i would look for something with that in it to. useful may have something using a bodhi cross with the '88 g13hp
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    SubZer0Genetics Well-Known Member

    79 Xmas bud. Had to defoliate the crap out of it but their starting to plump. Amazing smell for sure

    72F8C498-B1BF-47EF-99C8-9C6CFB60732D.jpeg 287E31FB-EF12-490C-9B0F-2B0E053E0F8E.jpeg
    Useful Seeds

    Useful Seeds Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    NICE!!! Please continue to update as you see fit, I was actually thinking about making another batch to give out as freebies next Christmas if folks are interested.

    Dieseltech Well-Known Member

    Nice whats the genetics line in the xmax tree?

    jdoorn14 Active Member

    Wasn’t it Kringle Kush x Santa OG?

    Totally joking. :lol:

    SubZer0Genetics Well-Known Member

    Will do! I’d certainly take more next Christmas. Love these old school preservation strains. 8)

    Houstini Well-Known Member

    Just transplanted the Apollo 11s all share similar leaf shapes. Beautiful plants, can’t wait to see what grows! 7/7 germ rate, pop em if ya got em.


    DocofRock Member

    If you are still interested in finding US testers, I'd love to do it. Presently have 6 seedlings from Useful (DCSE) - BBnC and DDS. Appreciate your work man - you are a quality dude.

    Giggsy70 Well-Known Member

    "If folks are interested?" I think you should green light that project of making those to be freebies as a Christmas freebie. Just sayin'

    Giggsy70 Well-Known Member

    Which of the two would you all grow out, Chem cookie trip or Chem d x chocolate diesel? Both sound very enjoyable to grow

    Dude74 Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure the chemdxchocd is feminizes so......

    Bodean Well-Known Member

    Like you said both sound good. I chose the chem cookie trip. Have 3 going in week 3 flower atm. Will post some photos this afternoon.

    Giggsy70 Well-Known Member

    All these look like they will be FIRE. especially the gelato #45 x Ecto cooler and Chem Kesey x christmas bud.

    Giggsy70 Well-Known Member

    Here is the freebie list at Great Lake Genetics.
    4/20 promo

    BOGO from freebie list below

    Chemdog D x Black Triangle

    Chemdog '91 JB X Black Triangle

    Chem Kesey X 79 Christmas Tree Bud

    Gelato #45 X Ecto Cooler

    NDNGUY's 1979 Christmas Tree

    Gorilla Glue #4 x 3 Headed Dragon
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