upper canada seedbank legit?

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    hey everyone,does anyone have experience with upper canada seedbank?

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    I recently placed an order with them and cancelled because it was kind of fishy.

    On the site it says if they do not have the seeds in stock they will contact you right away and either offer another pack or a refund. Noone contacted me. I had to get a hold of them.

    I sent them a message on Instagram asking for an update. At first they said the seeds were being "shipped to the office"(Monday). Then Wednesday I asked if they had anymore information. They told me that they "believe" my seeds were ordered. Kind of f*cked up considering he first said they were on the way to the office. One red flag. I also find it odd for them to be sold out of both breeders that I wanted to pick up and the website said nothing about it nor did anyone get in touch with me. The website also says in only takes them 1-2 days to reorder, restock, and ship out to the customer. Highly unlikely.
    My order should have been at their office yesterday and shipped today(thursday). Again, super fishy, and it ain't that Tuna

    You send these guys money, they purchase the seeds you want and have them ordered to their office. Then they send them back out. A double ship. Doesn't make sense to me.

    May As well order from someone reputable or the breeders directly and get all the freebies for yourself.

    I asked for a refund and they sent it right away.

    He said for future reference the website says 2-3weeks until the package arrives(he gave me the international shipping time even though i told him I was in Toronto).
    I told him it also says that you will get In touch with me if the beans are not in stock. And you didn't.

    He had no response and that was that.

    If anyone had a better experience please let me know.

    Thank you
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    Codu Active Member

    And these Fucking guys copied attitude FAQs word for word.

    Stay away guys!!
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    tommarijuana Well-Known Member

    Fk that just order from usa seedbanks.best genetics and best service

    cheeseofchud Well-Known Member

    im canadian ro

    EveryBlueMoon Active Member

    WOW, I was just about to post a scathing comment about how I feel like I got robbed by Upper Canada Seed Bank and I got an email from them just now promising that my package is on it's way and that if I want they will refund the money and I can pay them once I receive them...
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Peak Seeds BC for solid strains from experienced breeder. Well bred cannabis and great service and wonderful genes

    EveryBlueMoon Active Member

    This is a copy and pasted post I left in one other place that I had been talking crap about Upper Canada seed bank. They did me right and I gotta make up for it...

    OK guys I have to make up for a big mistake I made regarding Upper Canada Seed Bank.

    I placed an order for Afghan Kush from them about 3 1/2 weeks ago and I have been talking A LOT of shit about them. It really started in my head when I read the reviews AFTER placing my order. Only 4 total reviews and 1 was bad and 3 were great. 75% aka C avg. really got me worried.

    I was 100% convinced they stole my money because I wasn't able to get in touch with them through the 3 emails I sent over the last week. Finally I wrote a SCATHING email the other day and they replied so kindly apologizing for dropping the "conversational ball". They swore to me that the seeds were indeed on their way and that as a show of good faith they refund my money and told me that I could pay them when the seeds arrived... I just got the seeds today and have sent them an email to charge my card again for the order.

    This was a test run for $40 bucks just to see if I could trust them... They have one of the LARGEST selections from so many breeders at such low prices that I just had to try them out.

    I now know I can trust them with my money and am just trying to "right" all that shit I talked about them.

    tommarijuana Well-Known Member

    I don't know who would ever buy from this seedbank.Stupid expensive,just for example bodhi is know for his 60us$ pks.These clowns are charging 150-170 can dollars for them.Just buy from the usa, fk canadian banks

    grow420 Active Member

    I placed an order with them as well. I did get my seeds on day 21.
    But there is some issue with their site (you cant send them an email from their site or subscribe to their email list)
    There is an email address provided so you can just email them from your email account but they might not answer. I sent 4 emails over 2 weeks without a response. No tracking information was ever provided to me (like their site says. I am assuming this is caused by the email failures on their site).
    Seeds were sent discretely I got all the seeds I paid for but the container that was supposed to hold my freebie only had some cotton and no seed but since it was not what I was ordering doesn't really matter to me.
    They have a huge catalog of seeds they are able to get a hold of from all the best breeders worldwide I don't have to worry about customs(I'm in Canada) and I got what I paid for so I will be using them again.
    They do charge more than ordering directly from the breeders

    kingtitan Well-Known Member

    Unless you order from Crop King or Jordan of the Isles stick to the UK seed banks.
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    westcoast420 Well-Known Member

    Crop king is straight garbage. No problem ordering from the states, unfortunately there seed banks are 10x better than ours here.

    grow420 Active Member

    hey, @kingtitan I was just curious about Crop King are you saying that they would have good genetics?
    Just a lot of threads I have read say they are weaker compared to other companies like DNA genetics, Barneys, sensi etc..
    But they are available locally where I am

    grow420 Active Member

    @westcoast420 Crop king is straight garbage. LMFAO well that answers that

    westcoast420 Well-Known Member

    3 weeks is a long time to get seeds from within Canada. Just checked out there site, says shipping is 2-4 weeks. The longest I've ever waited for seeds from outside canda is 2 weeks from the uk. Most US orders I get in a week or 2 max. They are just buying the seeds when you put in an order, thats why it takes so long.
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    kingtitan Well-Known Member

    I am not sure about Crop King, I just know they actually deliver the goods. There is True North Seed Bank but I really don't trust them right now even though I did receive my seeds in 5 days and had 100% germination. I don't trust the genetics and there is no proof that what I ordered is what I ordered. They will sell you as souvenirs and will not discuss anything more, including any guarantees or replacement seeds.

    grow420 Active Member

    @westcoast420 Yea that is exactly what they are doing. But there is one strain I can only seem to find through them (Gods Gift) if you know anywhere in Canada that carries the strain I would never consider

    @kingtitan I actually order from there after my order with uppercanada since I thought the seeds were not cooming. The seeds I got from TrueNorth(DNA, barneys) came in 5 days as well and were still in their original packaging where yours not? Just wondering why you are worried they might be fakes.
    The free one I got was labeled as canuk but not in a sealed package like the ones I purchased.
    Yea I assumed they give no guarantee because they are just grabbing seeds from breeders selling to us at a bit of a Higher price. But with a guarantee, they would then need to try to mediate between the customer(us) and breeder so they were not losing any cash.
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    kingtitan Well-Known Member

    I had not been in the grow game for a decade and I was in a rush and ended up at True north, back then i used Vancouver seed bank/Jordan. I did do the stupid thing and ended up getting the cheaper seeds, Canuk Seeds. After much research after I am finding that Canuk is just True North's in house seeds. There is almost zero info on Canuk, Canuks website kit looks the same as TNSB with a different theme.

    I have 4-9 weeks to go on flower so I will really know if they are worth anything. Some of them have a bunch of troubles and I am hoping my experience will make even the shit genetics as good as possible in yield/potency

    Masterdoobie New Member

    Upper Canada Seed bank , ordered and has now has been 9 weeks . There 2-4 week guarantee is a scam. This seed company you probably won't get your seeds.
    True North seeds, MJseeds, Montreal cannabis, Quebec Cannabis and Crop King where fast and came in the original packaging of the corresponding breeder.
    They are also easy to order with e-transfers . 4 days and received all my orders from these companies.
    Oh and Canuck seeds are garbage, the only breeders seeds that wouldn't even sprout, so far.

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