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Discussion in 'Vertical Growing' started by stawawager, Jan 6, 2017.


    stawawager Well-Known Member

    Some branches are growing into the lights so I've just been bending them over usually making it a little kink which doesn't seem to affect growth, of course the ends turn back upward.

    I figured tieing them down is easier on the branch then kinking them which is easier.

    any other practice saving the top?


    sallygram Well-Known Member

    You are talking about two proven methods. LST (low stress training) and Monstercropping. If you want to read about them there is a lot of good info. I personally used to LST but now I Monstercrop because I am lazy and I kind of do it as needed when I am looking at the garden. Both work most people seem to prefer LST.
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