unknow issue with a timelapse video

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by RebTech, Mar 6, 2018.


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    Hi all
    I've got this issue I can't seem to figure out what happened? In the video, at approx Feb 18 you will notice the two plants closest to the camera turn into crisps. I have no idea what went wrong. All plants are on a water timer scheduled for every 3 days.
    I have two fans in the tent one upper left other lower right.
    the heater is up high on the right (pls ignore the plant temp & RH The unit locked up and really didn't change. (the average temp was around 22c to 25c and RH 40-50%)

    Any insight you guys can give I'd appreciate.

    RebTech New Member

    bump? anyone?

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