Uncontrollable muscle spasm

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    TRIMIX1 Member

    Iam new to this. Iam looking for the best strain to help control muscle spasm. i have been using a 1.1
    with 7.thc 12% cbd but looking for something better. If there is something better . I only vape this at night
    So need something that will not keep me up all night .

    Thank Tom

    freemanjack Well-Known Member

    Hi tom, i'm epileptic and have full body night dystonia (spasms, jerks and cramps) I smoke all day to control the epilepsy but could do nothing about the dystonia, I have found edibles to be the only way of dealing with the spasms (which are so bad at times they approach turettes type with arms and legs flailing and shouts of pain in my sleep) the dose has to be high enough to effectively induce unconsciousness which can leave me with terrible morning 'weedover' but the easing of the worst symptoms is a relief (if only for my missus who is less likely to get thumped in the night!) I've not found any 'happy medium' but at least i can get relief if i've not got a demanding days work the following day. Hope this helps, happy to discuss further.

    TRIMIX1 Member

    so i have been blending 1.1 and seni star with a THC 21 and that works a little better

    Thanks for the reply

    zoic Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum trimix

    FWIW I have eliminated all my muscle spasms. Edibles were quite good at reducing the frequency. Low dosage edibles that you can consume 4-5 times per day. Adding some nutrients like fish oils and turmeric reduced the inflammation associated with these spasms. The one thing I give the most credit for quashing the symptom was chiro. Get rid of the subluxations and your life will improve dramatically. I am telling you this from first hand experience.

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    Michiganjesse Well-Known Member

    Weedover love it. Yes I do edibles try to eat it earlier than later like as soon as I get home at 6pm or so. If I eat it right before bed weedover for sure but only takes a few cups of coffee to straighten up in the morning
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    Aksala49 Active Member

    Pretty much everyone is magnesium deficient. Research it. I use Jigsaw Magnesium and no more night cramps...and I had them bad. Don't use magnesium oxide...its cheap but will give you diarrhea. Mag bound to malic or oratic acid is very user friendly.

    zoic Well-Known Member

    I agree for sure on oxide, but malic was not much better. The one that eliminated muscle spasms the best for me was
    Magnesium Biglycinate.

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