Types of LSD Crystal AND how to lay it-THE TRUE DEADHEAD WAY

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    "I will discuss LSD crystal and what happens with it. This info is from my experiences a long time ago.I can safely offer it because I have retired from this line of work and stay far away from it.

    First I will briefly discuss the people or family as there called so you can get an appreciation for what they do and have done. The family is motivated to spread LSD because we believe that LSD is a key givin to us from above. LSD was givin to man from god to help him see the error of his ways. Why do you think it was discovered during the most horrible time in history. It is the antidote for the atomic bomb. It`s doesn`t matter if you beleive this or not ,because what i`m trying to express is how deeply important the family feels about the sacred value of LSD. Those who are at the upper level`s of the family will gladly sacrifice there lifes and freedom to do this work.

    OK now down to the crystal. I have little knowlege about LSD manufacture so i`m going to talk about the final product the crystal. On tour crystal came in brown glass bottles with 1-10 grams in them. The bottles were sealed and contained CO2 and crystal. You can`t just buy crystal from family. First you have to be taught how to lay it ,which i`ll cover in a little bit. Also you have to do a THUMBPRINT(eat it) there are no exeptions to this rule.The reason is to make sure your Karma is clean enough to handle this sacred work.



    Needlepoint -very pure(95%) white powerdery crystal,was available in small amount`s. The best of the best

    White Fluff -Very pure(95%) white light flakes of crystal. Still around and the most sought after. very pure

    Silver -Good and clean(85-90%)-light greyish crystal. Was an unbelievable amount of this around in the late eighty`s and early nineties. Very good stuff. My first thumbprint was this kind. If you ate acid in the 80-90`s you probably sampled some silver.

    Amber -Decent(70%?) This crystal varied from a light amber color to an almost dark brown color.Was always available.One batch called quadricept amber was the color of light honey and was very good.Lot`s a people worked with this crystal but I always would use silver instead since it was better and the same price.

    Lavender -(60-70%?) light purple to almost black colored crystal. Like amber it varied batch to batch.

    TJ (tornado juice) - purity unknown. I seen this shit in about four different colors and it always scared me. No experiance with it.

    Champagne -(50-60%) black crystal, nasty stuff IMHO. I worked with it once and swore to never touch it again.


    OK so you got some crystal and need to get it on blotter. It`s a pretty amazing feeling holding a jar in your hands that has 10 grams of crystal in it. That`s 100,000 doses in the palm of your hand. For dealing with laying we`ll say we got 1 gram. Acid is always layed 1 gram=10 tenpacks. A tenpack is tensheets. 1gram=10,000doses. If your laying needlpoint your doses will be 95mcg, because your crystal is 95% pure. If your laying amber your shit will be 70mcg, because it`s 70% pure. got it

    Now you get a glass pyrex pan to dip your tenpacks in. Your crystal is dissovled into 110ml. of everclear per gram.The purer crystals dissolve instantly with a little stirring. The not so pure take a little shaking. Champange is damn near impossible to get to dissolve evenly.

    Paper-for white blotter standard watercolor paper#14 or equivalent is used. It`s critical you get the right paper. If you don`t it won`t absorb right and you`ll fuck it all up.Print`s are made up ahead of time and perferated.

    OK so you got your crystal dissolved and your paper cut and ready. There are 2 schools when it comes to putting it on the paper. First dump the solution in the pan and dip each tenpack into it then lift it up and let any excess solution run off into the pan. Second method is to put the tenpack into the pan and squirt the solution on it with a baby syringe(the ones they give little kids medicine with). I Have done both and prefer dipping them just because its quicker .Then the tenpacks are layed out to dry which doesn`t take long since alcohol evaporates quickly. If you did it right there will be very little residue left in the bottom of the pan.This redidue is extremely potent and is either soaked up with a piece of paper(called mop up) or made into potent liquid(called wash). Whatever you choose this is saved for your personal use. While your doing all this you get very,very high. As soon as you open the jar of crystal it intoxicates the air. Most people were rubber gloves when doing this some don`t. Just don`t have any plans afterwards.

    There might be slightly different methods used when laying, but this is how the dead family does it. After the tenpacks are dryed there distibuted and eaten up. Since the end of the Grateful Dead the massive distribution network that used to get rid of so much acid has been broken up badly. Never fear Acid is still out there"

    What is a "thumbprint"?.....Click Here


    "LSD is still around though it seems that a majority of the labs are inactive at the moment. This is normal as they don`t produce all the time. Most like the silver family only produce about every 5 years. Though they usually produce enough to last that long.

    When the Grateful Dead toured massive amount`s of LSD were distributed around the country. On a typical east coast tour 100-150grams could easily be sold. Thats a million to a million and a half doses. This flooded these citys and the lsd trickled down to every nook and cranny of america. By the time it was dry again another tour would roll through the region and resupply it. Plus we would meet people on tour from certain area`s of the country and keep them supplied with the help of the good ole USPS.

    Sadly when the dead stopped touring this network went into shambles. People fell out of touch and with no shows ,there wasn`t the marketplace for distibution.In turn parts of the country arn`t getting saturated anymore.

    By the way the Kansas bust was not a family lab incase anybody is wondering. The point i`m trying to make is the family believes LSD has to move through the right hands. This is why you can`t go down to the corner and get a gram of crystal. sorry to ramble.

    As some of the cooks retire i rest assure you that they pass there recipes and secret`s down to those chosen to continue to fight the good fight. I don`t think it will ever be as readily available all over the country as it once was due to the break up of the distribution cycle of tour. I could be wrong and hope i am.

    Alot of old family have moved on and including myself retired, feeling we served our time. The family does hear your cry`s for more acid and they don`t plan on giving up on mankind. Now's a good time for labs to be inactive. the current government administration is viewed as a bad storm that needs to pass as Jerry sang....
    "all good things in all good time" Keep the faith"
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    Very nice and wicked read Q !
    Love the layout and structure !

    Easy to follow and understand ...
    Here is some reading music ... and a +REP (when I get some)


    CANN ... I have borrowed your audio frequency .... as it fits here perfect !!
    Hope you do not mind !
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    The doses are too light.
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    Chinacat was a good guy i remeber reading his posts when he still posted like 6-7 years ago on i think the shroomery. super cool guy and always was willing to answer any "myths and misunderstandings" about L.

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    I've read this a few different times. I'm glad to see it posted here. I wish that at some point in my life I would get offered a thumbprint, sadly I don't think it will ever happen.
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    Such a great read! No matter how often, it's still jolting and sends shivers through me. Thanks Heatless :D
    I wonder how Chinacat72 is doing these days..
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    Brother ... if YOU are the type to wait for things to happen .... NOTHING ever will ... that is a FACT and a Guarantee ...
    You need to take the initiative and make things happen Yourself ... and connect with Brothers ...

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    Nice read mang:) + rep

    also rep to mr puffer:)
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    Wow, that took me back a few years. Unperforated White Fluff.........yummy.

    Thanks for the read.

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    Mr Monster I also Tip My Hat in Your Direction ...
    Anyone related to 'Cookie' ... is certainly a friend !

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    excellent read. thanks BBQ.
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    Excellent read, indeed. I get goosebumps holding a ten strip. I can't imagine what holding a gram or ten would feel like.
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    Right. i had an Altoids tin one time that had every mint dosed and it was so awesome. under a blacklight, it totally glowed like the fucking briefcase from Pulp Fiction. if only i still had it.
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    do you wish?
    or do you believe AND want?

    because those are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS ;)

    make it happen, buddy. believe.
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    ^You never fail to inspire, my friend.
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    you never fail to keep inspiring ME by saying what YOU say Cann.

    much love <3

    i will see you one day and give you a big hug!
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    This is turning into one big Love fest!! Fuck it.. Embrace it!! :hug:
    See what happens when you start talkin L ess Dee ?? (;
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    her love is too powerful. just the mention of her names send out vibes in all directions.

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    ^^ You have a knack of expressing maximum thoughts and ideas into the most compressed of sentences, MB.. I'm way too wordy, myself. I've always admired that about you, bro.
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    thanks alot man. it just comes out that way when im speaking on things that i really love and hold close to me. even off the substance, its light still shines vividly through me to pass on to all.

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