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Discussion in 'The Glass House' started by JDMase, Apr 22, 2017.


    JDMase Well-Known Member

    Made by 7pipe, these things look like the next level way to smoke a blunt. Has anyone tried one on here? Considering getting one but would like some reviews.

    Does it replace your previous method of smoking? Is it as good as its described, making hits smoother? Thanks!
    Miami Rave

    Miami Rave New Member

    Hey JD those pipes are amazing. It has a infinity technology that allows you to smoke it continuously. Check out oue store. We have our own special edition with a cool Miami Rave logo on thee box and glass. Also, we have different colors to choose from too. You might even find other stuff on there you like too. We have a blog and stuff so you can check it out, as well as some great music too.

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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    Looks cool. But I'd probably stuff it in the end of a bong. I like my herb filtered through water. Tried dry the other day. Nearly coughed up the other lung...
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    JDMase Well-Known Member

    Is that because what you're used to? I hate bongs because they make me cough a lung but a nice raw hemp paper blunt goes down a treat!

    Just saw they brought a mini one out. Might give it a go
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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    I can't roll. And don't like blunts. Prefer the smoke through a glass bong.

    budman111 Well-Known Member

    Just got one free with a delivery from everyonedoesit and impressed to say the least.

    Smok3yMcChok3y Well-Known Member

    I liked my twisty. I'm cheap and prefer a green rip every rip so I prefer a two hit bowl. But i liked the glass blunts. With well dried herb it was cool to pick it up 20 minutes later and still be able to get it going. I had the other kind withbthe glass push rod in them and would get the twisty over the push rod any day.
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