Turretts Syndrome In New Jersey

Discussion in 'New Jersey Patients' started by stifflerza, Jul 15, 2010.


    stifflerza Member

    i have turrets and i hurt day in and day out pain i twitch and scream and punch myself in the face but when i take a hit of weed im calm and no longer twitching im a normal person but do u think i qualify for medical jersey bud

    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    jeeeez man. :|

    sorry to hear about your turretts...

    I can almost guarantee that you wouldn't have any problems at all.. qualifying for medical cannabis. None at all...

    especially if you were to go to your doctor.. and just be honest with him.. and tell him exactly what you just said on here.

    You say that whenever you smoke, it calms you down..?? right?? Mention that to your doctor.. and just tell him if possible, you'd like to give it a try. Also, mention to him.. that it would be much easier for you to be able to get the marijuana from him (the doc), rather than risking getting arrested while trying to get some bud off the streets. I'd almost PROMISE you.. you'd have no problems getting medicinal pot.

    Good luck.. let us know how it goes eh?

    BTW, I'm also from Jersey. Belmar, NJ... 2 blocks down from Bradley Beach. You know where that's at??

    stifflerza Member

    yea i hope so i try so hard to grow but it never works the weed on the streets sucks i have to smoke an 8th to be totally normal but good but one joint and when im not on weed im violent towards me and others before smoking id black out wake up and i was in handcuffs but i smoke allot of j's otherwise id never be on here but yea i no where that beach is im in trenton

    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member


    and, I'm going to have to disagree with ya.. on the weed being shitty. I mean, yeah.. there are some shitty buds flowing through jersey.. but there is also some VERY good buds flowing around as well. You must not know the right people my friend.. I mean, I know where some Strawberry Cough is right now.. as I sit here and type this up. I think dude only had about an Oz left.. and that was last night so I'm sure he's still got some left still..

    If you haven't heard of that strain, Strawberry Cough, you should Google it.. its really good for pain relief man. IMO, I think it would really help you out.

    But yeah, anyhow.. good luck man!


    stifflerza Member

    yea i just moved up here a month ago but yea ive had srawberry and its good but i love it in a faat blunt-lol- peace man

    ataxia Well-Known Member

    i have a friend with tourette's syndrome ... she smokes like fiend. It seems she benefits from stoney indicas to stop her tics... and it works!!! Now the tics don't go away completely with her. But the get to a minimum .... she doesn't experience pain with tourette's just tics and outburst ... but the higher she gets ... the less tics she has. Just a little nugget of info when they finally start giving out cards to get your own mmj.
    fuck ganja... there's nothing but garbage in this whole SJ tri-state reigon. I'm coming to Belmawr. Tell your friend to save some Strawberry Cough for me!!! jp. peace

    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    I'm out of hair gel. :|

    this is an emergency.. I gotta run down to the store.

    cncfan2 New Member

    dont police monitor the forums ? im in jersey too and im under 18 . im tryin to get my mom to sign for me to get med mj but idk where to go i guess ill look that up . cuz i possibly have tourrettes as well but not that bad and insomia on occasions
    Johnney Herbz

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    lol ban.


    FirsTime Active Member

    lmfao fd just standing there with the shotgone... Done.

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    Dwezelitsame Well-Known Member

    pending on where you at bro a dr marijuna rt 17 N in rutherford nj is da bomb

    but jerseys medical marijuna plan sucks syphlitec dicks and drinks liquid diarreah shit - im in it now for 3 months

    me and da wife split up loss da house cant grow in a apartment - colorado bound
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    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    damn, sorry to hear dwezel, hope it all works out for you.. and you're right, the nj mmj is about the biggest joke out of every state that has mmj.. pretty much have to have aids and be on your death bed to qualify.. :(
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    Dwezelitsame Well-Known Member

    thanks for conpassion bro stank happens not happy wit situation but will do OK was pretty down for a while doing much better - got alot of legal stuf to take care of house to go up for sale soon
    got big savings between us to be split up by the greedy lawyers lot of loose ends - glad my one son is an adult a pilot in the Air Force quite a guy - some good from our marriage

    not true just costly is a few doctors doing some strange things one is the Dr i mentioned he looked at old mri reports and wrot me up for my card i go to woodbridge dispensory said i had pain and muscel spasms hich was not true

    he then wrote me up for the max 2 oz's at a time his write up is good for 2 years then i must revisit
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    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    damn, i haven't followed the mmj program much tbh as out of the gate it sounded pretty shite imvho..

    best of luck with the shit storm and the big move.. i'm gonna give the name of that dr to a friend of mine who might be able to use his services..

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