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    Wilksey Well-Known Member

    If people actually valued what the U.S. stood for, then they would have done exactly that, and slavery would have ended as an institution because it was no longer economically viable due to technology.

    But no. Let's just shit on the entire concept of the U.S., and the constitution, as created by our forefathers, and maim and murder each other in a civil war just so the federal government can move closer to the dictatorship pretty much EVERY central government wants.....oh, and then the feds will blame it all on "freeing the slaves". Right.

    Grandpapy Well-Known Member

    "land of the free" unless you're one of "those" states. Please, bring us all together as one, and see to it that UPS quits charging "fuel surcharges" from our last oil shortage while slashing union jobs for part-timers.

    What day of the year do we celebrate Global Rights?

    The United Nations Population Division and Goldman Sachs(NYSE:GS) predict that China will have 1.4 billion middle-class consumers by 2030, compared to a forecast of 365 million in the U.S. The stakes for American companies in China are rising.

    How is Communism influencing your life? What's that?

    "Freedom First!" comes before someones technology. Comrade.

    Wilksey Well-Known Member

    No such thing outside of international law, and unless somebody is willing and able to enforce that law, then it's moot, regardless.

    Grandpapy Well-Known Member

    No Global Rights Day?

    How bout national "Communism isn't a Concern Anymore Day" , surly a day corporations can appreciate.
    Think of the sales!
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    Wilksey Well-Known Member

    Thank you, sir.
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    don't have a sister, you can borrow my sheep

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Anyone believing anything a politician promises is a sheep ready for shearing

    tulow Well-Known Member deal I think the main thing is they are looking at whats going on in colorado. I do feel there will be a point where the government will have no choice. honestly I toked before MMJ was even a term, I'm not about to start asking permission now. What they don't see never happened, and what they don't know wont hurt me! Sessions is a fucktard! even conservatives are unhappy with him. Hopefully his days as AG are #ed. gotta quit sensationalizing every thing politicians says this is a problem with both sides. although recent pattern seems to be doing things 44 had the opportunity to do but passed on, and there was talk of reschedule at the end of the 44 term.
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    doctordetroit Well-Known Member

    I personally think once it's legalized on a federal level it's going to be the war on drugs all over again.
    Feds will class it just like alcohol and only large high tax paying grows will be left alone while they run around busting small/personal grows just like someone running a alcohol still.
    I hope I'm very wrong but it's hard to be an optimist when big brother gets involved.
    @cat48661 theres no laws to stop a caregiver from donating to another caregiver as long as they stay in the allowed limit.
    @Rakin license caregivers can have 2.5 usable ounces and 12 plants per patient in michigan up to I think 5 patient's nothing can be sold only donated. Recreational use is going to be voted on in November with the same restriction as above with the exception that cannabis (and its products of it) can be sold to anyone of age.
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    scotbot Member

    Why would President Trump favor legalization? It frees up all that cash in the legal states,more jobs etc.
    Of course if it did happen under him most people would not give him credit.

    I remember for years how " if you vote for Obami" he is going to legalize weed. 2012 came and went and that sack of sh1t did nothing,lol.

    If Trump could cure cancer people would have a problem with that. I think its called Trump derangement syndrome.

    Now lets all find a safe space :)
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    tRUMP derangement syndrome is where you stick your head far enough up your own ass that his ideas start to sound good. it usually involves at least one shoulder and elbow to get that far up your own ass
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    scotbot Member

    LOL, President Trump is living rent free in your head :D

    757growin Well-Known Member

    He's actually living off my tax dollars at his golf resorts.
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    if a treasonous, bigoted, racist, misogynist, homophobic, lying, unethical, cowardly president being in office isn't a reason for concern, then there is NO reason for concern, the word needs to be removed from the language

    Grandpapy Well-Known Member

    I use to maintain Air Pollution Control Equipment ten years ago when it was popular.

    15 straight days of unhealthy air/ 15 days of no work. Ironic.
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    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    Trump is a n word

    MATTYMATT726 Well-Known Member

    New Yorker here too XD

    Fogdog Well-Known Member


    MAGAts are getting soooo desperate they miss the good old days when Obama was prez.


    Fogdog Well-Known Member

    Can we test your theory by putting your family into eternal chattel slavery? If your daughter's tits are nice I think I'll make her my personal maid. Next, we'll just sell you off at a loss because you are uppity. I'd like to cross breed your wife with selected sperm donor to improve the line. Your son can live in a shack and tend my vineyard when I'm not having him learn banjo.

    But you are OK with that because eventually the system will collapse just like cutting taxes will pay for themselves. These theories are always correct.
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