trump hires a pedophile (again)

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    Whine, whine, whine.

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    If i travell back in history - this pedophil style, to feel mighty for 3 min. and destroy whole lives even of 3 months old babies -started inside the catholic church (my personal opinion - even if there are more and more brainsick people from any destination and there are also very good (: catholic people going to church) --- long ago. Pedophile people , that i know always go to church - hypocrathy is the science they use to stay free - you will never find them in prison, because often they are protected by whealthy mafiosis - here in europe mostly they pay indemnisation if they get busted and desapear to another hunting district
    --- I never detected one " in flagranti" but if so - in 0,00002 seconds i would remember
    the concentration of a soccer player infront of a penalty - !!! and i earned money as a soccer player !!! for that.
    No chance for his 2 little balls and the sick piniwilly. :spew: smashed and hard
    It`s so good to wear army boots with steel caps - in those time of total war coming up.

    I remember G.W. Bush visiting the pope in Vatican to ask for absolutation before starting his war - did he knew ? or estimated the number of innocent little babies, that will dy in desert storm - with or without being penetrated ????
    - did he pay money for the audience ?????????????????????????

    AUTHORITIES OF JUSTICE may fail worldwide - my soccer boots do not.
    I wish to inflagrant your president down the road :dunce: to help him OUT of his desaster.
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    Meth - Not even once...
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    what country are you from? just curious, not insulting you
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    Krokodil Federation would be my guess.
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    North of black forest - in the rhine valley.
    I remember lots of US. soldiers staying here in times of Vietnam war and being trained in the moskito swamps of the area. As far as I remember they were the only crocodile federation living here - before they were send far est to crocodile around the clock with agent orange(nice nickname for your leader !).

    Jimi Hendrix sang a song with the name of my town - can`t remember the title - sorry.
    Is there a town in USA called Karlsruhe ?
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    your turn

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    what do germans think of trump and the mess in america?

    are you in one of the more moderate parties or are you in a far right wing party?

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    left-green please --- not a member of anything - except homo sapiens

    don`t worry about "agent" orange - hopefully he will join A. Lincoln or/and J.F.K. without my personal help. !!! Give him tranquilisers and send him to the psycholocical state department - heS infected not only with alzheimer - he is bizzare and dangerous - very similiar to Hannibal Lector pretending to be an analyst of his own genuis. I`m Doc Murphy and believe that all, what is thinkable ---will happen in the future. Many germans are scared - but I still laugh, because in my imagination he suffers a lot
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    Merkel knows what's is going on, she didn't look scared more than annoyed by agent orange and Putin. Indictments have already started more sanctions will follow. Their gig is up.
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    She could know what i know, ???

    1 / because she studied physics, as a daughter of a protestant vicar,
    2 / growing up behind the iron curtain in ex GDR - guided and hugged by the rusian ocupiers and their german straw men.

    3 / She was not involved in the cycles of non violent resistance demonstrating in the streets and infront of Churches in Leipzig, Dresden and Plaun....
    Many times i read and listened to medias.... in that moment, when GDR citizens climbed the wall in the center of Berlin near "Brandenburger Tor" ..... she had to admit, that in this moment -she stayed in a sauna for wellness. --- She`s a fucking ugly actrice and criminal leader - there is no democracy..... if she rule for a very few lobby

    I`m shure she knows that predater-capitalism is out of control and the biggest problem is:
    Escaping and hiding away the big money of the 555 biggest companies worldwide - to give them legal cover and permission to suck the world and the poor(weak or stupid or both) people.

    If we don`t dominate and terminate them, and have strong regulations on bigmoneymakers, bankers and financial market in general -
    we always will get victim of these predaters. ..........AND MERKEL LIKES THAT
    Organized crime can write you letters, that the rent of your house/apartment will rise a10%
    signed, firmed and stamped by a communal politician. - No Problem - Politics is organized crime and -
    organized crime is politics.
    Solution would be a big huge, fat and global ANTI-CORRUPTION unit.
    But ! - guess !! --- what would happen inside this unit, if citizens and voters elect any pol. party,
    that promise to be "not" corrupt and "not" make some extra money.

    CORRUPTION is the right answer.

    OK. not all politicians are corrupt. But I recommend everybody, who wants to get politician and
    really do good things for the community - to keep that in mind - before starting the carreer.
    And to have a strategy against it.

    The grandfather of your agent orange was german and when he imigrated to the states of america, he started as a hairdresser, pizza man and then became pimpanpuff in the gold rush
    near Klondike.
    Look to the haircut and behavior of his grandchild DJ - bad haircut - bab, bad, bad
    You(we) are in a triple lose situation - climate change will eat up your(our) big apple and
    the rest of our coast at the end of the century - if you US don`t stop to suck coal and oil to burn it down.
    And as we talk about pedophil people - LET`S Stop penetrating our little, beautifull baby, called "planet earth" with your snorkels --- because we will all step in a
    triple, eighth, twentieth lose situation. --- But you won`t and so nor do we, the chinise not and the russians say... knot, not, not, not. we need more aeroflot^°.
    Your agent orange just sold 350 boing airplanes in china.
    Would have been a really great deal to change them in countervalue of 3500000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 solar panels with good price and controlled efficiency. But he did not, --- not never ever.
    I guess ! one condition in this deal was to sell "clean american coal" to the clean chinise industry. ??? - Proof that please - because you are sitting close to the source.

    Installing these solar panels really would give you american workers - clean jobs for millions and millions of workers.
    And for many combination with my watercooled led light --- you even could escape the motherearthfuckers and just stop the snail sucking your tits and become an autonomy. ---
    ....and have Clean Electricity, Light, Heating, Hot water, Fruits Vegetables and WEED with E-Mobility INCL. for a much much mucho mejor PRECIO AMIGO. DEPENDE DE LA DIMENSION --- :hump:

    The price for coal and oil is a billion times higher , if you would include the costs to remove (and rebuild ?) New York and the rest of seacoast till Hong Kong.

    For me as an artist it`s all so easy and cheap to save the world without them. :idea:(:

    Would be good to give DJ the posibility to stop his gig too.... AMERICA FIRST

    I`m not shure because the goverment is not elected yet - but if not - we will have to repeat elections again. Nobody likes that..... to have a blocked goverment for a long time...
    but hope you are right and she has to go soon - i don`t like her at all.

    Greetings with an art piece of mine...


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    welp, scott baio turns out to be a pedophile.

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    he also hires wifebeater's who he begs to stay.

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    life has just gone to hell in a handbasket..damn! how did i miss this?

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