Trump cuts Food Stamps

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jimdamick, Feb 12, 2018.


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    Soylent Green is peeple
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    Only if they pick it. I ain't picking beans for nobody except myself.

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    Most suffer from poor example.
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    Your too nice.

    " I kind of want the people that voted for him to suffer"

    Fuck yea, I personally want them to truly feel the painful consequences of voting for that fraud Trump (too bad I'm in the same bed), because of their fucking stupidity, he is the POTUS.

    I KNOW they have fucked my own son's future up (sorry about theirs) by electing someone who has already in the span of ONLY 1 fucking year, has set back progress in the DOE, EPA, HUD, SNAP, Global Climate initiatives, FBI, the CIA, the Trans Pacific Partnership, NAFTA and NATO just to mention a few of his fuckups, setting back progress by decades.

    I have no pity for those idiots, only for my 17 year old son that has to deal with Trump's legacy.
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    Ok. I want them to suffer.

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    My father was a devout conservative sober Irish Catholic Republican, and I definitely learned from his example.

    That's why I am a devout drunkard/stoner/atheist/anarchist and sometimes a Democrat, I learned it all from my Da.
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    Anything interesting? I just got some bok choy I'm giving a try this year. Love baby bok chop in my won ton soup.

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    The only kids that should suffer are Trump Kids, Uday Qusay and fake plastic Barbieka. Put them on ships biscuits and powdered egg, fucking parasites

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    you're a poverty ridden subsistence farmer who doesn't even own a fridge.

    take care of yourself first, brokedick.
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    hey mr. chemtrails!

    you gotta be pretty happy about this whole cutting food stamps and health care thing trump is doing. after all, you hate the poor. amirite?


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    The average family of 4 gets $500 a month on welfare.....that's a fact.

    And I'm guessing more than half of that is spent on booze and drugs.

    Taking the cash component out the equation and giving out food staples makes a lot of sense, especially for children.

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    Most of them lazy, do nothing crack smoking swindlers, yes. I used to buy their food stamps for pennies on the dollar so they could buy drugs or alcohol. Food stamps are for food, in case you weren;t sure. I cannot wait to see the entire trump family and team go to prison, but in the meantime I like some of the stuff he is doing. Getting actual food to people who claim to need food seems like some common sense shit to me. Hand up, not hand out.

    I hate that you don;t want the children to eat real food because their parents need drugs and alcohol.

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    Speaking of, you should check to see if your kid is hungry.
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    ok, so let;s suppose that more than half of the people who are on food stamps don;t already work, or are disabled or elderly or children.

    let's suppose they are all lazy drug addicts just conning the system.

    no way they'll just take whatever benefits they get under your racist savior's new fucked up system and just trade it for drugs or cash anyway, right?
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    No. Pretty hard to move cans of beans compared to a $300 food card they can sell for $100. Food stamps are for food. Food stamps should equal food. Being a broke ass Native American, a homeless teen, and "moving up" by getting into the projects at 19, taught me way more than you will ever learn by reading a few things. Maybe you should ask more and assume less.

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    you're right, there is no way to trade food for cash or anything like that.

    i'll go let grocery stores know how stupid they are now.

    also, chemtrails.
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    If someone is suffering by their own hand I don't only feel apathy for their situation but slight relief.

    The only way you can make people reconsider bad decisions is negative reinforcement.

    I know psychologists would argue positive reinforcement is better but it requires you to preempt situations that are likely impossible to predict.
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