Trump admits he paid Stormy, and he's going to jail

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    WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump’s failure last year to disclose that he repaid his lawyer Michael Cohen for Cohen’s pre-election payout to Stormy Daniels has been referred to the Department of Justice.

    The Office of Government Ethics determined Wednesday that Cohen’s payment to Daniels, which Trump repaid last year, constituted a loan that should have been reported on the president’s June 2017 financial disclosure form. Trump did disclose the liability in a footnote to the form he filed Tuesday. The note claimed he did not have to make the disclosure, but was doing so anyway “in the interest of transparency.”

    In a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, acting OGE Director David Apol wrote, “You may find the disclosure relevant to any inquiry you may be pursuing regarding the president’s prior report that was signed on June 14, 2017.”

    Knowingly and willfully falsifying or omitting required information on the financial disclosure form can be prosecuted as a criminal offense, punishable by as long as a year in jail.

    Trump and his White House staff had for months denied knowing anything about Cohen’s $130,000 payment to Daniels to buy her silence about the affair the porn star said she had with Trump a decade earlier. Trump’s newest outside lawyer Rudy Giuliani finally admitted that Trump had repaid Cohen in a Fox News interview earlier this month.

    The White House did not respond to requests for comment.

    So, the Dummy in Chief had too finally admit that he did pay off Stormy Daniels in his new financial disclosure, and as a result of omitting that little tidbit of information on last years disclosure, now faces up to a year in jail.

    I can't wait to see where this goes.

    Nice :)
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    Lock him up
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    Bear420 Well-Known Member

    Is that what the Trumpsters are going to Chant Now ? Lock Him UP !!!

    I really Doubt it seems Trump is above the law right ?

    The hypocrisy is stunning.....But what I expected from anyone who support that menace....

    schuylaar Well-Known Member

    Uncle Rudy says Mueller team TOLD him..
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    schuylaar Well-Known Member

    They’re still wrestling with guest worker ‘okay now’..:lol:
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    Jimdamick Well-Known Member

    And no fucking chance of immunity from that charge
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    zeddd Well-Known Member

    Gram em by the pussy
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    Jimdamick Well-Known Member

    How many grams does a pussy weigh in England?
    Just curious.

    zeddd Well-Known Member

    a pound

    Jimdamick Well-Known Member

    Geez, you guy's got some big pussies over there across the pond.
    I feel sorry for you, must be hard to feed.
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    schuylaar Well-Known Member

    I thought he never heard of her..
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    TacoMac Well-Known Member

    Fun fact: Trump hasn't admitted to anything. His lawyer has.
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    Novabudd Well-Known Member

    Prolly a pound :bigjoint:
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    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    You're all such hypocrites, or too young to know about WJC and Monica. Did he go to jail? and he did it in the oval office
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    TacoMac Well-Known Member

    First off, getting a hummer at your desk isn't against the law per se.

    What they tried to get him for was once count of perjury, which didn't hold any water at all, and one count of obstruction of justice (stemming from the alleged perjury), which didn't even make it past the senate and was never officially filed.

    Both were far reaches by house republicans to simply discredit Clinton that had absolutely no chance of success. (Like most republican ideas, of course.)

    Trump has already lied just over 3000 times in less than 2 years time and has broken presidential rules no less than 19 times. Oddly, house republicans who are still in control have no intention of impeaching him.

    How very odd...and typical.
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    bundee1 Well-Known Member

    And you're stupid enough to compare a blowjob to treason and money laundering.
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    SB85 Well-Known Member

    The problem is how that many Trump supporters regard him as some type of saint(not capable of lying/doing f'd up shit). That's really an issue with all folks who worship these politician though.
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    Rob Roy

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    Jimdamick Well-Known Member

    He paid for his supposed crime by impeachment
    I want the same justice served too President Trump, like impeachment for HIS criminal actions.
    What Trump has done so far is much, much worse than getting some head in the Oval office.
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    southern ganga

    southern ganga Member

    You are a fool if you think Trump will go to jail over this.

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