Trimming/ pruning. How much to take off?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by zac graves, Dec 7, 2017.

    zac graves

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    IMG_4865.JPG So I'm on my first grow (indoor, 2nd week veg) and I'm trying to free up some space in my pots so the lights reach everywhere. I'm doing the rest of my grow in 3 gal Pots. And So far I took the pedals off and 2 sets of the lowest fan leaves last night. I'm also LST.

    I was wondering if it's okay to cut back some of the smaller fan leaves, on the nodes that produce tops. Or is it too early? I've been fiming and it's getting a lil overcrowded

    theflowerman.dc Active Member

    You will get mixed answers bro,

    Some will say trim her up and some will say dont,

    I would tie down the stems to spread them and take the bottome fan leaves off.

    Deff take the burnt leaf off i see on the top.

    And with in 7-10 days she will be right back like nothing happened
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    stoned-monkey Well-Known Member

    Imo i would really tie her down like @theflowerman.dc said. Its amazing the spread you can get. Dead burnt or to far gone leaves get removed.

    Many ways to grow, start simple then try more "aggressive" techniques, next time if you want.
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    zac graves

    zac graves Member

    Perfect, thanks man. And Yea ive got like 4 stems per pot tied down. Just to give the others some room. Should I tie down and train all of them? And if I did that, should I bother with a trellis net

    JimmyTheNewb Well-Known Member

    All of what you just asked is completely up to you theres no right or wrong here.. You're doing good just be patient and try not to love em to death lol its easier said then done. Im learning how to manofold and train them myself just make sure you keep that canopy even and you'll do fine

    ScoobyDoo90 Well-Known Member

    I always like to let them grow out a little bit until i can form them to the pot and once that is situated then may prune some larger leaves, Also tucking helps get them bigger ones lower in the canopy and doesn't require cutting her,

    theflowerman.dc Active Member

    Keep us posted, whats your feeding schedule?

    The leafs look very dark green.
    zac graves

    zac graves Member

    Ive been trying to use most of the nutes in the soil, so I just started Fox farm trio schedule last Thursday, at 1/4 strength. Every 3rd watering. Friday, today, starts my 3rd week of veg so I'm going to up it to 1/2 strength. I'm in no rush to introduce full strength.

    And also since I'm here, I have very tiny brown spots. Some yellow. Nothing crazy. But would it hurt to use cal mag, cause that's what I'm guessing it is

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